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Having a well-designed, user friendly website that engages potential customers and keeps them coming back for a second browse is vital in today’s digitally-connected world. As smartphone penetration continues to reach new heights in Australia, it’s also important to ensure your website is responsive – in other words it loads just as well on a desktop device as it does on a user’s smartphone. However even the best designed website won’t be of much use to your small business if it can’t be found by potential customers at the moment they’re searching online for competitors offering your products and services. Thankfully, True Local can help you do just that with our Online Promoter Digital Powerpack designed to boost your online visibility by helping you build impactful ads that target the right audience at the right time with minimal hassle. Here are some of the benefits you can expect by advertising on True Local:

Increased Exposure for Your Business

The first benefit you can expect by advertising on True Local is increased exposure for your small business. The ads you create using our user friendly ad builder will be showcased across top Australian websites, mobile apps, popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and of course you’ll also be given a priority listing on True Local.

Target Your Audience Precisely by Location & Interests

One of the best features of online advertising, including our own Online Promoter Powerpack is the ability to precisely target your audience at the right place (by identifying where they live and work) and at the right time (by identifying when they’re most likely to be online and searching for goods and services within your niche). This is achieved by aligning our in-depth consumer data, including demographic, consumer behaviour and personal interest’s information with your specific business goals and campaign messages.

Cost Efficient Advertising

Online advertising is highly cost efficient when compared to more traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio and print precisely because it’s much easier to measure than non-digital mediums. When advertising online via True Local, you only pay for the impressions you actually receive from your target audience, making it a solid investment in taking your business to the next level. With extra money in your pocket, you can than reinvest in more online advertising or use those surplus funds to hire another staff member and make other improvements!

View Reporting & Insights

Last but not least, via our Online Promoter Digital Powerpack you’ll also receive highly detailed reports to track your return on digital investment upon request. With these reports covering impressions, conversions and data surrounding the demographics of those viewing your ads, you’ll have all the info you need at your fingertips to tweak those ads based on their past and current performance.

Are you ready to spread the good word about your business and attract customers through effective online advertising with True Local? Leave your details with us and we’ll contact you to arrange a free demonstration!

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