Plumber on a Mission to Ensure the Safety of his Local Community

Ryan Shovelar, owner of Around the Bend Plumbing; a Bayside and South Eastern suburbs plumbing service in Victoria, is no stranger to fixing DIY home repairs gone wrong in his local community. He is constantly stressing the importance of hiring a professional, qualified and skilled tradesman who has a vast amount of experience to draw upon to ensure each job is completed safely and without complications, due to his encounters with dangerous repair jobs completed by the home owner in an effort to save on reparation costs. No incident stresses the point of hiring a skilled tradesman quite like the recent hot water service explosion that occurred in Frankston:

Photo Credit: Bayside News.
Photo Credit: Bayside News.

The hot water service exploded with such force that it destroyed much of the rear side of the property, as well as part of the roof. The unit itself was launched into the air and landed in a street nearby, sending debris raining down on neighbouring properties. This dangerous explosion appeared to be the result of a pressure relief valve that was blocked during an attempted DIY repair job. On top of the problems that can occur when home owners take reparation jobs into their own hands, Ryan states that it is paramount to have your hot water service checked and serviced at the manufacturers specified time, regardless of any problems associated with the unit:

“Manufacturers actually state that pressure relief valves should be replaced every 5 years, but every hot water service that I have tended to has never had it replaced” states Ryan. “Having your hot water service relief valve serviced and replaced at the specified time by a professional not only prolongs the life of your hot water service, but also prevents any incidents like this occurring ever again. You could also void your insurance cover if trade work is completed by someone other than a registered tradesperson”.

Ryan is currently offering checks, services and replacements of hot water services to his local community for a discounted price to ensure this explosion is an isolated incident. Contact him on 0433 562 246 or email him to find out more at

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