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Aussies are amongst the world’s most keen adopters of new technology. Whether it was jumping on board the internet bandwagon from the mid 1990’s or the smartphone juggernaut from the late 2000’s onwards, we’ve always been fast to embrace the benefits of the latest digital innovations. Now, 10 years after the launch of Apple’s iPhone, Australia is a super-connected country where over 4 million people (15% of the total population) only access the internet from their mobile devices. This is on top of the estimated 40% of Australians who access the internet daily both from their smartphone and traditional desktop devices.

With Google set to release a new algorithm that specifically rewards mobile-friendly websites, as a business owner it’s vital your own online presence is responsive – that is by having a site that loads seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices. Here’s a few key benefits of having a responsive website to give you the nudge you need!

1. Responsive websites are rewarded by Google

The first and most important benefit of having a responsive website is the fact they’re actively rewarded by Google’s super smart search engine algorithms. Google “crawl” or assess websites on a regular basis, looking for reasons to either rank a site up or down in the search results pages for specific search queries that people type in. In its neverending push to improve the quality of the results it serves to users, Google has indicated mobile friendliness as being one of its key ranking factors. So by having a responsive website which perfectly scales itself on your user’s mobile (or desktop) device, Google will likely rank your brand higher in its search results as a way of saying thank you.

2. Responsive websites are more user friendly

Visitors to your website (I.e.  potential customers) will also be saying thanks, as responsive sites are designed to respond precisely to the dimensions of the screen on which that site is being viewed. Giving your visitors this seamless experience will not only make your site look good on screen, but will also offer a superior user experience – by avoiding the annoying need to zoom in to read text or even worse, scroll across a page. With user experience (or bounce rate to be more specific) being another official Google ranking factor, offering your visitors a hassle free experience will also likely lead to them spending longer on your site and returning for another look – all of which can lead to better rankings!

3. Responsive websites will cost you less in the long run

Apart from the obvious benefits of giving your visitors and potential customers a better online experience, making them more likely to do business with your brand; there’s also a few behind-the-scenes benefits you can gain as a business owner. One of these is the long-term cost savings that come from having just the one responsive website, rather than separate desktop and mobile websites which require their own initial development and ongoing maintenance costs. Whilst getting a responsive website developed can cost more upfront in dollar terms in some cases – especially for larger sites, over time you’ll be reaping handy savings you can reinvest in the growth of your business!

4. Responsive websites are future-ready

Given the rapid advances in digital technology, we don’t want to get caught out by saying having a responsive website will “future-proof” your business’s online presence, but it will certainly make it future-ready. As smartphone penetration in Australia approaches 90% and more and more Aussies conduct web searches from the palm of their hands, a responsive site will ensure you can be easily found by those potential customers at the very moment they’re in the market for the type of products or services you sell. As we’ve already touched on, this will also ensure you’re in Google’s good books and climbing up their search results, not disappearing from the audience’s view.

5. Getting a responsive website for your business is easy with True Local

Despite all the great benefits having a responsive website can offer your business, we understand you’re pressed for time and probably have a million other things on your mind before you get around to hiring a web developer. That’s why True Local are pleased to offer our Get On the Web Digital Powerpack, designed with the needs of small business clearly in mind. To get you started, our powerpack includes the following two packages:

  • Do It Yourself Package: Our ‘do it yourself’ package includes an easy-to-use, all-in-one website editing program that will help you and your staff create a responsive website that’s ready to go the minute you click publish. It’s as hassle free as that!
  • Do It For You Package: If you opt for this package, we’ll create your brand new responsive website for you. We’ll also give you a password so you can login and make future changes whenever you wish.

As an added bonus, we’ll also give you a True Local Priority Listing to encourage even more high quality potential customers to visit your site, increasing your brand awareness and preparing the ground for higher sales!

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