Brand Awareness During the Festive Season


The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer across Australia, which means we’re getting closer to yet another busy Christmas season. With the lead up to Christmas by far the busiest period of the year for retail spending in Australia, it’s also a great opportunity for small businesses to capitalise on these rivers of consumer dollars that flow through the checkouts of stores (both online and brick and mortar) up and down the length of the country. If your business is involved in selling discretionary retail goods (I.e. gifts) the festive season can be a particularly lucrative time to not only grow your sales revenue but also bolster your brand awareness and reputation in the process. Here’s a few simple tips to help your business get in on the festive cheer:

Spread the holiday cheer

One of the simplest and lowest cost ways to boost your brand awareness in the lead up to Christmas, at least amongst a niche local audience is to decorate your store with festive colours. If you only have an online store, this might involve adding a red banner with mistletoe running across your header (the top of your webpage) or by creating a Christmas overlay banner that greets visitors to your site with Xmas specials you’re currently offering. If you also have a physical store going for a traditional Xmas tree (it doesn’t have to be big) and tinsel decorations is an easy way to get people into the spirit. Be sure to share these efforts of yours on social media for extra attention!

Reward your staff

With Christmas falling at the end of another busy year, it’s a perfect time to recognise and reward your staff for a job well done over the previous 12 months. This is why many employee’s calendars come December will be filled with work Christmas parties. Booze and boisterous behaviour aside, other effective ways to reward your staff include giving them access to Christmas discounts – which will help them shop for their own loved ones, in turn spreading your brand awareness amongst a bigger audience in the process. Not a bad outcome at all!

Reward your customers with special festive offers

Of course you can’t forget your customers either! Given the high discretionary spending at this time of year, it might be a good idea to offer your customers Christmas discounts and special offers, whether that be reduced prices for specific items or product bundles that offer multiple popular gifts at an overall discounted price. Even though continuous discounting as a general practice isn’t ideal unless you’re a low cost, high volume business – if you can attract higher sales volumes during the festive period you can make this strategy work. Another tip might be to run a social media based competition that rewards customers with these specials and offers based on their online engagement with your brand.

Monitor the competition and adjust your offers accordingly

Finally, it always pays to see what your competitors are doing for their own festive season promotions, which can be as simple as visiting their website or passing by their physical store(s). Whilst we’d never suggest copying exactly what the competition is doing, if they’re particularly successful it never hurts to have a look at their online presence. Ask yourself what kind of products are they selling online, what price points are they offering customers and how are they promoting their goods both online and in store?

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