2017 Content Marketing Trends You Should Know


It’s 2017, and while we may not have seen the advent of flying cars or a Skynet takeover just yet, things are progressing at a rapid pace – especially in the digital sphere.

As more and more business transactions happen online, marketers are looking to savvier ways to maintain an edge in an increasingly competitive environment. One of the most valuable marketing tools up any business’ virtual sleeve is compelling, valuable content. In fact, 53% of marketers say that content creation is their top marketing priority[1], so it’s safe to say it’s a pretty big deal if you want to get ahead online.

So, what does the content marketing landscape look like this year? Predictably, mobile-optimised content is of high importance as Google moves towards its mobile-first index next year – when all webpages will be ranked based on their mobile version of content.

With the mountain of blogs, videos, images and so on being created every minute, audiences want content that’s personalised, in-depth, and trustworthy. Accordingly, businesses are seeing their entire content strategy from a customer-first perspective: providing solutions to specific problems, talking to audiences directly, encouraging interaction, and even involving audiences in the content creation process.

Visual content is also an important ingredient in any marketing recipe for 2017 – meaning videos, gifs, and imagery are crucial to a successful content marketing plan. Don’t believe us? Just check out our content marketing trends infographic below for proof (and some handy stats and tips to boot!).


[1] https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics

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