Behind The Scenes With The Rustic Fig Cafe


A new cafe has risen in the eastern suburbs: The Rustic Fig Cafe. A delicious cafe specialising in Lebanese cuisine, that is made fresh to order.

We sat down with Erica, one of the owners of The Rustic Fig Cafe to discover their local small business story:

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Erica – originally from UK. My husband is Naji – Lebanese. I take care of Front of House (hostess with the mostess). Naji is cook and barista when needed. We both do EVERYTHING including mopping the floor!

What is your business story?

Well, we moved here in June 2015 from Lebanon where we had been living for the last 19 years! Love food, love people, love people enjoying our food. We thought that a “Cafe” ticked all the boxes for what we enjoy!

What do you love most about doing business here in the thriving Erindale?

Love the real sense of community here. The local people are so supportive and really want us to do well.

What made you want to start your own small business?

We have always been self employed. We had our own mushroom farm in Lebanon!

What is your business famous for?

So many things! Predominantly Lebanese cuisine. Amazing aromas wafting through the open plan cafe. Everything is made fresh to order. We don’t reheat! The atmosphere is unbelievable – warm, friendly a sense of family. ALL are equally welcome no favourites. Great coffee.


Do you have a signature dish?

Hmmm… Difficult to say really! Everything we do is different. The manoushi Zaatar Extra is very popular because we make our own labneh (strained yoghurt). The beef Kafta is also popular at lunchtime – it comes with a side of hommus which we also make. Drinks wise – we regularly sell out of the fresh lemonade. In terms of deserts…..We make them all ourselves, so there is always something new. The lime and coconut crunch is very popular (Gf) and the Lebanese custard triangle with rosewater syrup.

What is your fave local business in this area?

Everybody in the strip is extremely helpful and supportive. We all promote each others businesses.


Do you have any advice for small businesses starting up?

My advice would be – It’s good to have a partner to share the load and support each other. Do as much work yourself as you can handle. Labour costs are a killer!

What’s one quirky fact about your business?

I have an amazing memory….I remember people, what they ordered previously and details they may have shared with me. It all helps to make people feel special…..which they are!

Anything else you’d like us to add?

Our policy is that the customer is king which is the essence of Lebanese hospitality!

Have you visited The Rustic Fig yet?

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