Why Your Business Should Go Digital


Australia is a small business nation, with the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) reporting more than 2.1 million actively trading entities across the country who employ 20 or less employees (the standard definition of a small business). Despite the bigger brands with the huge marketing budgets receiving the lion’s share of public attention (partly due to their huge marketing spend), it’s our small businesses who are responsible for approximately 45% of private sector employment and the rivers of tax revenue and discretionary spending which flow from their 4.7 million employees. However, for a nation of only 24 million people, competition amongst the 2.1 million SME’s (small to medium enterprises) for the eyeballs, hearts and minds of our small consumer base is fierce – having a solid web presence and digital marketing strategy is essential in the battle for customers. Here are just a few key reasons why your business should go digital and the benefits you’ll reap:

Your customers are online, so you should be too

The first and most obvious reason for a small business owner to “go digital” is to be visible to the approximately 88% or over 21.2 million Australians who regularly use the internet (across all platforms) for everything from online shopping, to ordering a pizza to booking their next overseas holiday. However, despite the huge number of Aussies regularly opening Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari to type in a search query (and this figure has probably gone up since 2016), various studies have found as many as 41% of Australian small businesses still don’t have a website at all. This is an easy win for your business and absolutely vital if you want to succeed in today’s economy. Thankfully, going digital by establishing a user-friendly, responsive website for your business can be simple using True Local’s Get On the Web Digital Powerpack.

Digital is easy to (precisely) track and measure

More than just a necessity to be found by potential customers, going digital through having a responsive website (or any website at all for that matter) can also bring certain secondary benefits in itself. One of these relates to your ability to precisely track and measure your online visitors, including their demographic profile (which will help you understand their interests & purchase drivers), their geographic location (which will help you allocate advertising spend to specific locales) and even the time of day they visit your website. Sounds good? You’ll be pleased to know these handy measurements, insights and reporting functions, including the ability to create bespoke online ads for your business are available through our True Local Online Promoter Digital Powerpack.

Digital can make your life easier

As a small business owner, you know the feeling of being run off your feet and having to juggle multiple demands at once the keep the whole show going. So this one relates to more than just your website and encompasses the wider digital eco-system out there of API’s (Application Programming Interfaces), Smartphone Apps and online tools which are designed to simplify the day-to-day running of your business. Whether it’s signing up to Xero for super simple online bookkeeping, Slack or Yammer for easy communication between staff, suppliers and even customers or Google Sheets to store important documents in a way that makes them instantly accessible to all relevant parties, it all saves you precious time and money. Going digital and making use of these handy tools means more time working on growing your business and less time getting stuck in a quagmire of inevitable admin tasks.

Digital is versatile, and it’s more than just having a website

So we’ve covered a few solid reasons you should go digital (for the love of your small business of course) and some of the benefits you can reap by having a solid, responsive website that lets you be found by the over 21.2 million Aussies who are already actively online. Before you go, we also wanted to mention that digital is a highly versatile medium that goes beyond merely having a website (as you probably already know). It also includes such things as having a smartphone app for your business (especially handy if you’re in the hospitality industry or your business model involves customers placing an order and having it delivered), online banner ads (see reason 2) and even dynamic/interactive display content outside your shopfront to attract the curious eye of those passing by. Digital is a fast evolving force, but you have to be in it to win it!

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