5 Awesome Team-Building Activities for You and Your Workmates

The whole “team-building” thing needs a serious rethink, if you ask us – it should be about having stacks of fun with your workmates and getting to know each a bit better in the process. So without further ado, here are our top suggestions!

Day cruise

U Crusie
Image credit: U Cruise Facebook

What better way to build a rapport than chilling out on a boat all day, eh? Of course, we’re not talking about a couple of metal dinghies tied together, here. We’re talking state-of-the-art vessels, stocked with supplies and yours to command for a whole day of carefree maritime goodness. Heck, you’ll hardly even notice the team building happening all around you!

If you’re in Sydney, we’d highly recommend hitching up with U Cruise Sydney. They’ve got everything from high tea cruises to slick corporate voyages, and a selection of boats to suit any price range.

“We went on a 3-hour private cruise on Sydney Harbour last Sunday to celebrate Easter with our friends (6 adults and 6 kids). Our skipper Lewis (great guy) took us everywhere from the Sydney Harbour to Lane Cover river….we decided. BYO food and drinks! All of this for only $78 per person…Cheaper than a restaurant! We will definitely do it again. Best experience ever!!” – valoche22

Escape room

Australia has fallen in love with escape rooms over the last few years, and that’s because they’re really, really fun. The companies behind them are always coming up with new and ingenious ideas to outdo each other, which results in a wealth of awesome scenarios to plan, scheme and luck your way out of. Best of all, you can’t get through them without working together!

Got a business in Melbourne? Check out Exitus Escape Room Melbourne. The scenarios include tracking a serial killer, fleeing an enchanted garden and being chained to a wall next to a severed hand. Good luck…

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The ancient art of paint-based combat is ideal for a more visceral, active and exhilarating way to bolster team spirit. Lurk in the shrubs to snipe your boss. Team up with that IT bloke you’ve never talked to and take down Jill from HR (she’s got it coming). Make a heroic last stand with Bob and Kylie from analytics, and know that these friendships forged in the fires of war will live on!

If you’re looking for a good choice in Queensland, you can’t go wrong with Jack Splat. It’s safe, affordable, very well equipped, and suitable for beginners and experts alike.

“These guys at Jack Splat Paintball are simply the best! If you’re after a challenging Paintball experience or just a casual get together between friends, these guys can cater for it all! The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They are committed to ensuring you have the best time possible. Excellent prices, fantastic options (including safety options!!!). Best Paintball experience I have had. We will definitely be returning!” – Paul McPhee

Spa day

Nat Spa
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Team building is all about shared experience, so why not make it a ridiculously pleasant one? A spa day might be just what it takes to get your colleagues relaxed and enjoying each other’s company, particularly if you’ve been all been working hard and deserve a bit of a break. Dreamy massages and fancy skin treatments are a valid answer to most of life’s stresses, after all…

Natskin Day Spa Retreat offers everything from deep-tissue massages to candle-lit geisha baths (oh yes), and couldn’t be better placed in the gorgeously tranquil Yarra Valley. Check it out!

“one of the best place to relax from a stressful day! i’d experienced the body massage and facial treatment and ohhhhhhhhh! it was awesome! i was satisfied! thank you so much Natskin!” – katefarleigh

Volunteer at a charity


Good deeds are their own rewards, and they’re great for building some team character. A day spent helping out a charity can really help determine your business values, as well as lend a bit of perspective to any workplace problems you’ve been facing. There’s no shortage of charities out there (and they could all use a hand), so you won’t have any trouble finding one that suits you.

For example, City Mission is doing amazing things for struggling people every day, from recovering addicts to kids coping with loss. You don’t have to be a Christian to share their ideals, so give them a call if you’re anywhere near Launceston.

“You cannot do anything else but give a handful of stars for the great services CITY MISSION gives to the homeless, lonely and hurting people. The staff members treat everyone with great respect and compassion. The services to the public schools are wonderful too! City Mission makes Launceston a happier place!” – iKnow


Is it time to take on team-building? Check out other fun hotspots in your area!

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