What Online Platforms Should I Be Using? Electricians Edition


Electricians and the internet are a natural fit, but it’s not always easy to plug in and start promoting your business online. That’s why we’re examining the main sites you should be using to get your business noticed.

True Local

As if we’d start anywhere else! But seriously, the purpose of True Local is to put all the info your customers need in one place, as well as show off what your business is capable of. It acts as a central hub for your business if you don’t have a website, and if you do, it’s a valuable tool for complementing your online presence by bolstering your credibility through reviews and increasing your local search engine rankings (searches for services you provide in your local area).

Electricians handle all sorts of jobs, so a full list of services – including anything you specialise in – will let people know right away whether you can help them or not. Everyone knows that word of mouth is the best way to find a good tradie, and True Local’s customer reviews are simply a digital version of this.

One of the added benefits of having a True Local listing is that it helps boost your ranking in local search results for electricians. What that boils down to is if somebody Googles any of the services you provide in your area, your business is likely to pop up. And not only will you appear in search results, but you’ll also have a star rating underneath your name thanks to the review system, which will increase the chances of people clicking through to your listing. True Local has the tech savvy to optimise site speed, which is rewarded by Google, meaning the SEO juice is passed direct on to you. But, if you want even more of a boost, there are also packages available that can give your business up to 7 times the standard business listing views.

Aside from the above, True Local isn’t just a directory listing; it’s a genuine business community that’s here to help you stay at the forefront of the electrical industry online. If you have a listing on our site, you’ll be invited to valuable events like online marketing seminars, and have access to advice, tips and tricks to support your online marketing plan. We also provide opportunities for businesses to feature in our marketing campaigns, on our social media pages, blog articles, email newsletters and search engine marketing.


For a good example of True Local done right, just take a peek at The Electric Crew. They’ve got all their details filled out properly, so you can see right away what they do and where they do it. The introduction is clear and well written (an introduction that’s hard to read will only cause potential customers to click away from the page). Crucially, the team also responds to reviews, which shows that they genuinely care about their clientele. A customer always wants to know that the company they hire will look after them!


Everyone and their dog has Facebook these days (no joke – people really make Facebook pages for their dogs), so if your business has a Facebook page you can quickly reach out to any customer in your area. Whilst True Local is ideal for helping establish your trustworthiness as a business, Facebook allows you to post regular updates about projects you’re working on, which keeps people interested because it’s constantly changing. It all helps shape a healthy online presence for your business.

As an electrician, you might post a gallery of photos of a recent lighting job you’re particularly proud of, a link back to your blog about electrical safety (using surge-protected power boards, for example), or even a meme about life as a sparky. You can also connect instantly through comments and messaging, so Facebook acts an instant customer service and communication hub. Just make sure to keep your text posts under 100 characters, as short and sweet is the name of the game when it comes to engagement on Facebook.

As with all your marketing efforts, Facebook is all about testing and learning what works for your business. Facebook Insights is a great tool for finding out how well your individual posts have been performing, and seeing the sorts of content your audience wants to see. Check in once a week or so and make a note of what’s done well, so you can refine your offering.

Image credit: Facebook

Fully Wired Electrical Services has it nailed, posting consistent (but not annoyingly frequent) updates. They share high-quality images of their work, showing potential customers the quality of their work, and mix it up with a few fun personal posts to build a rapport with their clients. They link to their website often, which means more hits there and a boost to their Google ranking. They make a point of responding to anyone who gets in touch, and support local businesses to demonstrate their community spirit. People are always more likely to hire a company that shows it cares! Furthermore, sometimes Fully Wired shares other people’s posts (when they’re relevant), which is a handy trick to keep the content on your page fresh if you’re short on time and can’t create your own.


It’s no secret that virtually everyone goes online for information these days, and your website is most likely the first place they’ll find you if they Google you. Think of it as your digital first impression. Customers will come here to learn about you and establish if your services fit their needs, so you want to make sure this information is easy to find. You should include a gallery of your completed electrical projects, clearly outline your services, and share positive, detailed reviews. It’s also accessible 24/7 – so you should include a clear call-to-action (“Find out more about our trusted electrical services in Wollongong by calling xx xxxx xxxx”, for example) and a contact form to make your users’ experience easy.

Having a website is also a key factor in helping your business rank for related search terms  (as well as your own business name) on search engines. If you’ve made sure your website is optimised for search engines, you should start seeing an improvement in your ranking, which is likely to mean that you’ll be spotted first by potential customers.

Image credit: McIntosh Electrical

To see a great website in action, look no further than McIntosh Electrical. Their website is clean, easy to navigate and displays their phone number prominently, along with the company’s key services, costs and ideals. That’s everything a potential customer will need to entice them to read more. The site is optimised for mobile, which is increasingly important due to the rise of smartphones, tablets and Google favouring mobile optimised websites in search results. Adding accreditation badges are basically a visual shorthand for shouting out “we are trustworthy professionals” and including an online quote/contact form helps convert page views into actual customers.

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