Business Spotlight: Bar Torino


Tapas and cocktails go together like… well, pretty much everything and cocktails, and Bar Torino brings you the best of both. The bar itself is a vision of glinting, cabinet-shelved perfection, and we’d highly advise checking out Charcoal Grill Night on Fridays and Saturdays. Plus, there’s a pairing library of 11 gins, carefully matched to their botanicals.

We spoke with Steph  one of the dedicated staff members to discover their local story:

Tell us a little about who you are and how Bar Torino started

Run by Nick and Jess , son and daughter of Frank and Maria Favaro owners of our neighbours Chianti. The family wanted to create a bar that embodied the European style of eating and drinking as a symbiotic activity. Hence our motto as long as the bar is serving drinks, the kitchen is open for food.

What is your business most well-known for?

We have kinda of become famous for our Gin selection. In our menu we have page dedicated to specialised Gin and Tonics, carefully paired with garnishes that bring out their natural botanicals. Our head Chef Soon Young Kwon, has also become famous for his delectable food, from the smaller bits size tapas, to larger more substantial items. Thursdays we have PICA PICA, which is our European Style Yum Cha, minus the chickens feet. On Fridays and Saturdays from 7.30 pm we have a charcoal grill, slowly cooking the nights special. And Sundays we have Paella. Cooked on the big pan out the front of the bar Ready promptly at 1 pm, once its ready it only ever lasts half an hour at max.


What is your favourite local business?

Our favourite local business would have to be Ideal Shoe Repair down the road on Hutt St. Richard (a.k.a Ricky the Shoe.) He has lovingly handcrafted not only our one of a kinda aprons but our menus. He also fixes all of the Staffs shoes. Special mention also has to go to The Hairdressers on Hutt, who not only let us charcoal out front of their business but also keep most of our staff’s hair looking amazing.

What do you love about your local area?

We love the sense of community in the Hutt Street Area, its like a small country town.  In our short time of being open, we have acquired a beautiful contingent of locals who have become regulars. (Absolutely hate the hayfever inducing trees on the main strip though.)

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