Business Spotlight: Cowch


Cocktails or desserts? This is a question no patron of Cowch Dessert and Cocktail Bar needs to ever ask themselves. Cowch is located in Brisbane’s South Bank and prides itself on the perfect marriage of liquor and sweets (the two greatest food groups, in our opinion).

We spoke with Cowch operations manager, Nathan, to discover their sweet local story:

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Nathan. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi I’m Nathan; I’m the operations manager for Cowch dessert cocktail bars.

What is your business story?

The owner’s wife wanted to open a cake shop and the owner wanted to open a bar. They merged ideas together and so came Cowch – A place where you can have both an incredible cocktail and some of the best dessert options worldwide.


What do you love most about doing business here in the thriving South Bank?

The diversification of people – you get everything from students to business owners. It’s thriving 7 days a week which really helps business flow and allows us long operational hours with a constant stream of customers.  It’s never too early for dessert.

What made you want be apart of a own small business?

The passion of bringing people together over food. While the owner was growing up it was much like this at his home. The restaurant is laid out similar to a home allowing people to create their experiences with the large Cowch dining table situated in the middle along with a few smaller side tablets and a large outdoor ‘terrace’ to have some drinks at.  Our entire layout is transparent allowing the customer to see absolutely everything being made.


Cowch is famous for delicious desserts! What is your most popular/signature dish?

Naked pops – it’s a build your own ice cream – choose your  ice-cream flavour – then choose milk, dark or white chocolate to dip in and add any of the array of flavours in our cabinet from jelly beans to brownies.

What is your favourite local business in the area?

Ole – Mexican tapas. Great place to get together and have international food at a local style. It’s a thriving business perfect for a few drinks and a snack or for a more full main course style meal.


Do you have any advice for a small business starting up?

Focus on the customer – the cowch today is very different to previous – we began wanting to be high end. The customer shared their preference and we found what they wanted was more towards the Cowch you see today.  A highly tailorable/personalised dessert experience, with a well-stocked bar to mat.

What’s one quirky fact about your business?

We let the children behind our staff counters to make their naked pops – this is an absolute favourite for families and adds to the dining experience.  We began this on school holidays and decided to run it through-out the year, this was an exceptional addition as it makes the kids feel they’ve had a full day out.

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