Business Spotlight: White Mojo


White Mojo is a contemporary cafe based both in Melbourne CBD and now Balywn. It’s the perfect location for your “go-to” weekend brunch spot.

We spoke with Samsky, from White Mojo to discover their local story:

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Samsky. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Samsky Yeung. I’m the Business Development Manager at White Mojo Group.

How did you get your start in the hospitality business?

I graduated from the degree of Hospitality Management, which I completed at the University of Canberra. This, coupled with my fine dining experience at Flower Drum gave me a great foundation. I started as a Waiter at White Mojo the day it opened and soon after become a Supervisor. Now I work as a Business Development Manager, overseeing the Melbourne and Balwyn stores. Huge changes have happened in four months, it’s an exciting time.

The city has gone crazy for your soft shell crab croissant – what makes this dish so exciting?

For one, it’s incredibly delicious and two; we’re doing something that nobody has done before.  People get excited about new concepts and that’s what this is.

How much preparation goes into making an insta-worthy dish?

It takes more than a crazy idea, there is a lot of work involved and many people come together to share their thoughts on how we can make the dishes better. We research ingredients, techniques and trends, think about colour matching, clashing and how it should be served, then we meet with our team, talk about it and keep tasting until its perfect.


What do you enjoy the most about your business in the CBD and in Balwyn? How does the vibe differ for both cafes?

Honestly speaking… I enjoy them both.

We’re in the heart of the CBD, so the crowd is mainly doing a younger and we’re seeing new people every day. Other the flip side, Balwyn is more local friendly, and we’ve built up a base of regulars. I look forward to getting to know them and learning more about them each day.

We pride ourselves on the holding high standards for service, food and beverages, regardless of location. I think that is what keeps people coming back.

What’s the next great food trend?

Street food, no doubt.

When White Mojo closes, where is the team heading for drinks?

We like Thai food. One of the team had heard about this place called Thaiger Rabbit which is in Abbotsford, so we’ve been piling in the car and heading that way for the last two weeks.

Do you have any other food innovations or new dishes in development that you can drop us a hint about?

Yes, it’s happening. White Mojo is going to create something more exciting than the croissant burger. We’ll call it a “luxury street food” – keep an eye on our socials for the unveiling!


Design is so crucial to the café experience these days – how big of a part do you think aesthetic plays in being a successful eatery?

It plays a very big part in what we’re doing.

We want to run a café that is unlike any other. It allows us to express ourselves and showcase what we do. The spaces are bright, shiny and clean, and everyone can see through into our space just enough to spark curiousity about what’s happening inside.

What’s one quirky fact about your business that no one knows about?

Ummmmm, we make good matcha latte, in fact we do make the best matcha latte in Australia.

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