Get Your Hands on Five of Canberra’s Juiciest Burgers

It’s burger time! Take a seat, stuff a napkin down your shirt and grab your knife and fork. Then put your knife and fork down again. The only true way to eat a burger is with your hands, letting all the juices run down your arm – you should know that!




“Smoky” and “enormous” are definitely words you want to hear when it comes to burgers, and Brodburger specialises in chargrilled hugeness. It’s got a clean, bright, classic burger bar look, and it’s hard to miss thanks to the big glowing tube sticking out of the roof. If you’re up to it, go for the Deluxe. Two patties, cheese, salad, aioli, onions, eggs, bacon, relish… sounds like a dream on a bun!

“Best burgers in Canberra! But you hafta be willing to wait for your food and a table. Worth the wait every time though.” – johnny.hon


Mr Papa


We’ll go out on a limb here and guess that when you think of burgers, you don’t automatically associate them with the proud nation of Peru. But all of that will change once you’ve found Mr Papa, a wonderful food truck serving up the finest in fresh Peruvian street grub. The ‘Chanchito’ is a particularly popular item on their menu. This pork belly burger is served in special Peruvian bread, and with its rich, full flavours, it’s no wonder it’s acquiring quite the fanbase in Braddon and beyond.

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My Rainbow-Dreams


It might sound like a range of unicorn-shaped notebooks aimed at pre-teen girls in the late 1990s, but My Rainbow-Dreams is actually a colourful little vegan cafe up in Dickson. It’s run by students of meditation master Sri Chinmoy, and offers a wide range of tasty, nourishing meals. Make sure you try the Indian spiced lentil burger with satay sauce, salad and yoghurt raita. It’s so good, we guarantee that even the most hardened carnivore will be an instant fan!

“Great place. Interesting vegetarian food and fantastic ice cream. The most interesting thing is watching the staff. No matter how busy, crammed the kitchen, rude the customers – there is an overwhelming sense of calm. Maybe Sri Chinmoy was saying something sensible in amongst the gobbldegook. Always try the specials but the bliss balls are far from it!” – justbrowsing


Grease Monkey


Big, lively and flowing with beer, Grease Monkey pays homage to all the best parts of the traditional American burger joints. The burgers are bold and full of flavour – and you get a free drink if you buy one on Tuesdays! The only problem is deciding which one to order… but we can never look past the good old Pitt Stop, with barbecued pork brisket, apple cider coleslaw and habanero mayo.

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Wilbur’s Cafe Bar


What kind of list would this be if we didn’t include Wilbur’s? This quirky art-and-burgers haven is a Hackett institution, and in addition to several meaty treats, this place rocks one of the very best veggie burger options in the city. It’s called the ‘Cozza Burger’, and it’s comprised of marinated Portobello mushroom, roasted tomato, caramelised onion, avocado and camembert cheese in a toasted ciabatta bun. In a word: beautiful!


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