Check Out The 5 Best Board Game Bars in Canberra

Board games, video games and trivia nights are a vital part of any nutritious meal. After all, beer and laughter are both known to be food for the soul (that’s what we were always told anyway). Read on for the best places in Canberra to get your fair share of both!

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Guild is, quite literally, made for board games. It’s a dedicated board gaming restaurant, welcoming in all who wish to indulge in some delectable wood-fired pizzas over a game of Risk and a whole lot of beer. They’ve got practically every game under the sun here, and you can tell that lot of love went into the conception and design of the place. You’ll have a real blast, and that’s a promise.

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Proudly serving as Canberra’s first ever e-sports and video games bar, Reload packs a whole lot of twitchy-fingered goodness into a chic, well-designed space. Even the cocktails get into the spirit of things here, with names like ‘Chun-Li Iced Tea’, ‘Miyamoto Slipper’ and ‘Perfect Dark’, and it’s always worth checking their out website to see when board and tabletop gaming nights are on.

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Two Before Ten


How does Two Before Ten fare? Pretty damn well, as it turns out. This stylish little cafe scores big points for its food (especially the smoked salmon toastie!), and it’s famously popular amongst coffee nerds for the quality of its go-juice. A fantastically wonderful range of board games is available, so prepare to make day of it.

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Polit Bar


If you’re a fan of whiskey, then you’ve probably heard of Polit Bar and their mind-boggling cocktails. However, for those of you looking for something to stretch your mind a little, Polit also holds an event called ‘Tranny Trivia’ every Wednesday night, hosted by the glamorous and irrepressible Tammy Paks. It’s loads of fun, but be prepared for some very naughty jokes!

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The Phoenix


The Phoenix is so cool it uses ship’s steering wheels as lampshades. It’s a proper live music pub, with awesome gigs practically every night, as well as a variety of trivia contests held every Tuesday. The motto is “Quiz, cocktails, prizes… and a vague sense of accomplishment”. Couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

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