Canberra’s Top Ten Christmas Hidden Gems


Save yourself the trouble of present-buying this Christmas ’cause we’ve got you sorted!

Classic Homewares


Bison Home,  Pialligo

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Bison Home was founded in 1997 by a bloke who specialises in ancient history, archaeology and Asian ceramics. Yep! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill homeware place, and you’re bound to find something special for someone special amongst the vibrant range of jugs, vases, tableware, curved plates, timbery things, glassy things, and various othery things.  Read More »

‘Beautiful, beautiful pottery. Very earthy feel, and a gorgeous range of colours. I think this place is an excellent choice for presents when you are not entirely sure what to get, because I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate receiving some bison pottery. I also got a really nice planter for my orchid from there.’ – charliejas

Cooking Classes


3Seeds, Fyshwick

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You know what might be the perfect gift for a beloved family member this Christmas? The gift of actually being able to help out with the bloody cooking next time around. That’s why you should book them classes at 3Seeds, where they can receive friendly, expert tuition in a variety of cooking styles from Thai to turkey to tapas. It’s fun, stimulating, and they (and you) will be all the better for it! Read More »

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Meet a Cheetah


National Zoo & AquariumYarralumla

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Ever wanted to play with a cheetah? Course you have! Give yourself and a friend the joy of getting up close and personal with the friendliest of the big cats at the National Zoo & Aquarium this Christmas. Just remember, you have to be at least fifteen years of age. Cheetahs are just big cats, after all, and you’ve probably seen what happens when cats don’t get on with kids. Read More »

‘This is only a small zoo, but unique in that it offers a number of hands-on experiences. If you’d like a bear licking honey from your hand or the opportunity to hand feed a lion (with tongs) or a giraffe this tour is for you. And if you want a very memorable moment, you can’t go past the ‘Meet a Cheetah’ experience. I’ll never forget spending 15 minutes patting full-grown cheetahs – a must for all cat lovers!’ – jodie333

Mouthwatering Baked Goods


Autolyse, Braddon

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Ah, pastry! You’re a vital component of so many wonderful things in life, and especially welcome during the season to be jolly. Autolyse in Braddon is a leading superpower in the Canberra baking scene, and the delectable choice of hand-made pastries, sweet treats, sourdough and other French-inspired culinary classics on offer will keep you firmly locked in damn fine spirits. Read More »

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Kids’ Stuff


Tip You’re It!Braddon

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Finally, an entire clothing store for kids and kids alone! This place hunts down the best in children’s clothing brands the world over and compiles them all in one convenient location – your young’uns are sure to appreciate their fine new threads. Tip You’re It! also stocks a range of high-quality furniture, accessories and gifts, so don’t forget to have a browse! Read More »

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Fashion Boutique


Itrip Iskip, Braddon

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Fabulous sister act Ana and Diana are extremely happy indeed to present the incomparable itrip iskip – the offbeat fashion boutique they’ve run together for nine glorious years. Stocking brands such as Vanishing Elephant, Status Anxiety, Objects Without Meaning and Sunday Somewhere, this is the perfect place to grab a little something for those who do things their own way. Read More »

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Homewares and Accessories


The HiveBraddon

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Let’s be honest; you can never have too much homeware at Christmas time! And jewellery, of course. Can’t forget the jewellery. Oh, and accessories, too! Fortunately, beautifully quirky examples of all three, plus a whole lot more beside, can be found at Hive – the arts and crafts shop/gallery hybrid of your dreams. Extra-special presents all round! Read More »

‘A gorgeous little shop with a range of hand-made & design products by both local artisans & sourced from around the world. This little place filled a huge gap in Canberra when it first opened. Come here for unique jewellery, hand-thrown pottery, art pieces, quirky kids toys & softies, cards & gift wrap…. The staff are lovely & very happy for you to faff around & browse for as long as you need.’ – sabatini

Local Wines


Helm Wines, Murrumbateman

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We generally find that Christmas requires incredible quantities of alcohol to have any chance of succeeding, and Helm Wines in Murrumbateman is a top place to acquire it from. Vino aficionados Ken and Judith started the vineyard, winery and cellar door back in 1973 and, since then, have been producing a range of top-shelf drop using a tried-and-true combination of modern and traditional winemaking equipment.  Read More »

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Good Books


Book Passion, Belconnen

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Book Passion is the best passion as far as we’re concerned, so you can imagine our joy when we found out there was a whole shop named after it! This place is run by a lady named Sue, who will stop at nothing to help you find just what you’re after amongst the joyfully eclectic selection of fiction, non-fiction and kids’ books. Read More »

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Specialised Records


Dynomite RecordsCanberra

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As Canberra’s only specialised vinyl record store, Dynomite Records has proven a godsend to the city’s serious collectors, devoted music nerds, and those seeking the sugary jolt of a powerful nostalgia hit. If you’ve got friends and family that fall into one or all of these categories, a trip to Dynomite is sure to land you something that’ll really put a smile on their face this Christmas. Read More »

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