How Ace Airport Parking is acing it at getting reviews

Did you know that 82% of Aussies read reviews before making a purchase decision? Why? People love to hear what others think before trying a business.

Ace Airport Parking has over 320 reviews and they receive new ones almost every week! We had a chat with them to find out their secret!

Ace Airport Parking

Ace Airport Parking are always keeping their True Local listing up-to-date. They provide as much information as possible and add high quality images.

They talk to their customers about reviews.

Writing a review is incorporated into their loyalty program*. Ace customers can earn 1,000 points for writing a review, which contributes towards redeeming one-day free parking or a free car wash. Not only does this keep their customers coming back, it’s also a great way to get feedback from their customers.

Reviews are today’s word-of-mouth, so let’s get more people talking about your business.

Find out more about how reviews can work for your business

*According to ACCC guidelines, you must tell consumers that the incentive for writing a review is available regardless of whether the review is negative or positive.

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