Perth’s Tastiest Charcuterie Boards

You can never have too much cured, thinly sliced meat in your life, we always say. Fortunately, Perth has some of the best charcuterie around!

Flour Factory

The Flour Factory


This place was a humble mill once upon a time, although you’d never know it now (aside from the name). Since then though, The Flour Factory has been beautifully renovated into a three-storey fusion of New York deli, Spanish bodega and metropolitan cocktail bar. The charcuterie board is a scrumptious selection of house-made, local and internationally sourced charcuterie, lovingly curated by the chef, so grab a citrusy Red Claw, settle in and soak up the good vibes. Find out more

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Perth Charcuterie
Five Bar

Mount Lawley

Five Bar is a fresh, casual kind of joint adorned with plush chairs, funky murals and countless fascinating oddities. The charcuterie board here features cured lonza, sopressa and prosciutto, pickles, olives, truffle oil and fresh bread – yum! If you’re feeling thirsty after all of that, we suggest a pitcher of Don the Beachcomber’s Frozen Zombie Punch. Find out more

“Go there!!!! Fantastic funky little venue, with great music, knowledgable and helpful staff. Food is yummy too – highly recommended for late afternoon (or anytime really) drinks anytime…” – enmac

The Standard
The Standard


Hold on to your hats; The Standard is bringing us the next evolution in the great Charcuterie Saga: seafood. Yep, that’s Don Bocarte anchovies, ocean trout, chilli yabby tails, green tomato chutney and sourdough, all fresh, yummy and artfully arranged. There’s also a standard meaty version if you’re still not convinced, and both are made even more delicious with a Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer. Find out more

Bistro Guillaume
Bistro Guillaume


Resembling a classical Parisian eatery with a green-and-white spaceship interior, Bistro Guillaume is the exquisite French restaurant of your wildest dreams. Chicken liver parfait, chicken terrine, pork rillettes, jamón, cacciatore and salami make up a wonderful charcuterie board, and the wine list is absolutely enormous. Don’t worry though; the friendly staff are always happy to help you decide! Find out more

The Partisan
Image Credit: The Partisan

The Partisan

East Perth

Quirky, comfy and cosy are the best words to describe the waterfront-perched Partisan. The chefs here are real charcuterie specialists, with options ranging from Duck Liver Parfait to Potted Prawns to Rabbit and Rosemary Terrine. The wines hit the spot (the Riesling never goes astray), and the service is quick and attentive so the guys at The Partisan have pretty much covered every angle! Find out more

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These lush charcuterie boards are ready and waiting for you, so give them a try and share your thoughts!

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