Check out our new send to mobile feature!

Ever found a great business on your computer at home, then jumped into the car and realised you left the details in the house?  We’ve done that too, so that’s why we’ve come up with the perfect fix to make a situation like this avoidable.

Our new “send to mobile” feature means that you can send any business’ details straight to your phone for on-the-go access at any time.  Best of all, it’s completely free!

So how does it all work?  Simply follow below to find out:

  1. On any business page, you’ll see a new button located in the top right hand corner that reads “send to mobile”:


  1. When you click the “send to mobile” button, a popup will appear in the center of the screen.


  1. All you need to do is type your mobile number into the text box and press send.  Whether your using True Local on your mobile, tablet or desktop, the details of the business will be sent to your phone via SMS for free.


That’s it!  You’re all done.

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