Hobart’s Irresistible Cheese Delicacies

Hobart’s a wonderful place for cheese lovers of all persuasions. Don’t believe us? Simply read on and see for yourself!


Wicked Cheese Company


What better place to start than a veritable cheese lover’s paradise, eh? From its idyllic setting in the Richmond countryside, Wicked has been valiantly flying the flag of Tasmanian cheese for all the world to see. Renowned cheesemaker Ashley McCoy uses nothing but top-quality, all-natural local produce, and you absolutely have to drop by the cafe to try the mouth-watering deep-fried camembert.

“If you are considering going – I say do It!!! You can see the chesse being made and stored through glass windows. We were served by a young man who gave us some cheese to taste test. He was great, full of knowledge of the cheese and had so much passion and enthusiasm for his job!! It was great to see and really fun. And the cheese: yummmm!” – Melis.M

Hobart_Grandvewe Cheese

Grandvewe Cheese

Birchs Bay

Grandvewe Cheese is a quaint little farm and specialist cheese shop, selling nothing but its own handcrafted artisan sheep cheese. It’s darn good stuff, too, especially the award-winning White Pearl, a creamy Persian-style feta. Oh, and give the ‘ewe-caccino’ a go, too, for something a little different. You’ll see what we mean.

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Image credit: Bruny Island Cheese Company
Image credit: Bruny Island Cheese Company

Bruny Island Cheese Company

Great Bay

You can’t have a cheese party without Bruny Island! Nick Haddow and his whiz team of cheeseologists have been honing their craft for over 15 years, and they’ve worked their cheese-covered mitts off to put Tasmania on the cheesy map. If you want a proper taste, the $30 Cheese Board is a steal at, well, $30, and features sumptuous favourites like Oen, 1792, Saint, Otto and O.D.O. Beautiful!

“Another stop along the main road of Bruny, this is a nice, modern cafe where you can sample the cheese of the local area. Vine wrapped soft cheese is a smelly treat, but tasty once you try it. The ‘Tom’ is a hard bitey cheese and seems to be the more popular choice. You can buy locally made jams and preserved fruit here too!” – atan7


Machine Laundry Café


Combining a lovely cafe with a fully functioning laundromat is a stroke of genius, if you ask us. And, despite its laid-back style and pleasantly casual atmosphere, Machine Laundry Cafe can cheese it up with the best of them. Just order up the delectable parmesan and pancetta pancakes, and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

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It might sound like a word from ‘90s sci-fi show, but Smolt is actually a rather swanky Spanish/Italian restaurant with a woody, almost Alpine kind of feel to it. There’s a lot happening on the cheese front too! We’d like to direct your attention to a certain special pizza, with gorgonzola, talegio, buffalo mozzarella, reggiano and roasted pear. Cheese status: whoa.

“Situated right next door to the Tassal shop, it’s easy to understand why their produce is so fresh. The serving sizes here are massive, so go easy on the house-baked bread. Service is efficient and friendly without any Sydney ‘tude. Ten out of ten for the interior. I felt like I was having dinner on a Mad Men set, albeit much more elegant. This one’s a winner.” – ReviewedbyCheri


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