Udderly Delightful Cheesy Treats in Perth

Cheese is pretty much the ultimate food, wouldn’t you say? Join us as we celebrate five of Perth’s greatest examples of cheesetastic goodness.

Image credit: The Cheese Barrel
Image credit: The Cheese Barrel

The Cheese Barrel


We’ll begin with a place so cheesy you could melt it down and call it fondue. Nestled away in the gorgeous Swan Valley (and right next door to Olive Farm Wines), The Cheese Barrel is a treasure trove of artisan cheeses from all around the world. You’ll want to try as many as possible, so go for ‘The BIG Board’, with your choice of hard, salty, soft, blue and smokey cheeses. Comprehensive!

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Image credit: Don Tapa/a>
Image credit: Don Tapa;

Don Tapa


One of the brightest jewels in ‘The Mantle’ (Perth’s very own culinary crown), Don Tapa is two stylish storeys of plush leather couches and explosive flavours. Case in point: the goat’s cheese sake wontons. These little beauties are crispy fried bundles of yumminess, and easily one of the most deliciously creative uses of cheese we’ve come across in our many gastronomical adventures.

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Varsity Bar

Nedlands & Dalkeith

Varsity’s a decidedly cool place; think bongo drums, an AC/DC pinball machine and crates for lampshades. Say no more. It’s an American comfort food joint with a splendid taste in beer, and a very worthy spot indeed for anyone seeking burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, and the pièce de résistance – an absolutely phenomenal mac and cheese. It’s made with truffle oil and extra grilled cheese, so you know it’s good.

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Bistro Guillaume


Time to get a little a fancier, don’t you think? A little Frenchier, perhaps! Bistro Guillaume is an irresistibly stylish tribute to the trendy eateries of Paris, serving up traditional French cuisine with a few enjoyably Australian twists. Since we’re talking cheese, your options are plentiful (it’s French, after all), but the twice-baked soufflé with Roquefort sauce is an absolute must-try dish. Bon appétit!

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Image credit: Miss Kitty's/a>
Image credit: Miss Kitty’s

Miss Kitty’s Saloon


The coolest thing about Miss Kitty’s Saloon is that it does actually resemble a saloon, with jumbled old furniture scattered about, a rickety piano and various quirky antiques adorning the shelves – even an ancient Bonanza novel! Which brings us nicely onto the subject of cheese, as it happens. Chilli cheese fries and cheddar fondue, to be exact. Simply unbeatable.

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We hope these spots satisfy your cheesy cravings, stat! Don’t forget to review your favourite on True Local!

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