Indulge in a Chinese New Year Feast in Brisbane

Start off the Year of the Monkey with a bang, so prepare for dragons, fireworks and a whole lot more! If you’re feeling peckish, why not try some of the delicious places below? Once you’re done with the feasting, make sure you check out BrisAsia Festival 2016 – it guarantees three solid weeks of joyous festivities!


Yee Foong

Fortitude Valley

Ah, Yee Foong! This place is a textbook lesson in not judging a book by its cover. Behind the humble, unassuming façade dwells some of the finest Chinese food you’ll ever have the privilege to consume. It’s also run by the nicest couple ever, and particular menu standouts include the honey chicken, roast duck and, of course, the incomparable handmade dumplings. Find out more

“Don’t be put off by the dull lighting – this is a lovely hidden restaurant with great food and value. I visited with a friend as we wanted to try somewhere new. We were greeted by a lovely old couple who offered us drinks and took our order. The lady then promptly cooked up our food and made sure we were happy with everything.” – Lady of Cats

What’s nearby…
•  The Three Brothers (Chinatown Mall, Monday 8th Feb)
•  Fire Crackers Show (Chinatown Mall, Friday 12th Feb)

Image credit: Kuan Yin Tea House

Kuan-Yin Tea House

Fortitude Valley

Calling all herbivores! Kuan-yin has everyone covered with a host of sumptuous vegetarian Chinese delicacies, and we’d thoroughly recommend veggie chicken rice, seaweed and egg soup, and sweet potato wedges, washed down by a refreshing sesame milk tea. Perfect! Find out more

“Really delicious vegetarian food – try the sweet potato wedges (they are amazing). I really love the food but the adorable staff make this place extra special! I wish I had found this place earlier! I went to their Gold Coast restaurant as well and had the same great food and service.” – T Cooper

What’s nearby…
•  China Doll Stilt Walkers (Chinatown Mall, Friday 12th Feb)
•  Hock Chong Wushu Kung Fu Performance (Chinatown Mall, Saturday 13th Feb)

Image credit: Sichuan Spice

Sichuan Spice

Sunnybank Hills

Think authentic Sichuan flavours with a focus on seafood. It’s a recipe for success indeed, and this stylish, recently renovated restaurant is famed for its signature fish dish and killer dumplings. Just be aware, there’s spicy food, and then there’s spicy food. Sichuan is most definitely the latter, so make sure you’ve got a tolerance for chilli! Find out more

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What’s nearby…
•  Five Days of Festivities (Sunnybank Plaza, from Wednesday 3rd Feb)
•  Feng Shui with Master Tom Lo (Sunnybank Community & Sports Club, Saturday 8th Feb)

bris_bamboobasket 02
Image credit: Bamboo Basket

Bamboo Basket

South Brisbane

Bamboo Basket brings the taste of Shanghai to Brisbane, and we defy you to find anyone who does Xiao Long Bao better than these lovely chaps. Plus, thanks to the fancy glass kitchen, you can actually gaze in awe while they prepare your food in front of you! So, head down, say hi to the two little luminous fellas out front (you’ll see), and settle in for a tongue-lollingly good meal. Find out more

“I really enjoyed our dinner here last weekend. The service was excellent despite being very busy. There is heaps of great options on the menu and I cannot fault the food. We went in a group of four and each ordered 2 plates from the small plates menu and all tried a bit of each. I found this really good value. With lots of food and a drink it was about $22 each.” – SherriLee

What’s nearby…
•  Bridge Illumination (William Jolly Bridge, from Friday 5th Feb)
•  Neon Pop (Reddacliff Place, Friday 5th Feb)

Image credit: Madame Wu

Madame Wu


Madame Wu is sexy, mysterious and effortlessly cool. And so is her restaurant, for that matter. An Asian fusion/hip bar type of place (with a pretty cool gramophone perched on the bar), it’s become a true favourite of all who appreciate the finer aspects of the Brisbane nightlife and a good crispy pork hock. Find out more

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What’s nearby…
•  Weaving Our Heritage (Eagle Lane, Sunday 7th Feb)
•  Chinese Lunar New Year (Chinatown Mall, Monday 8th Feb)

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