An Evening on the Local Stars Food Safari


It was a food safari journey with secret locations where our adventurous Sydney Local Stars were led. They were given a date, time, general area and one clue – “Wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirty”. Discovering the first destination via a message on the morning of the event, guests were becoming more anxious and curious.  Continue reading to find out where they ended up…

The Bear Bar in Haymarket was the initial meeting point for the journey and what a hidden gem it was. Located just outside the Capitol Theatre, the bar can be easily missed if you’re not hunting for it. Down the stairs we went to discover a cozy yet lively ambience and greeted by the hospitable staff. Our Local Stars were treated to happy hour cocktails and some nibbles to get taste buds fired up.


As the troupe was fully assembled, it was time to move to the next secret location whilst also thinking the possibilities of how they would be getting “a little dirty”. Hisshou Teppanyaki is where we landed and that’s when it all clicked in everyone’s mind with the clue. From catching raw eggs to bowls of rice, we were thoroughly entertained by our chef for the night. His swift movements played mind games on a few of us who lacked coordination and consequently dropped food on the floor (ok, I’ll admit it was mainly me and yes, there’s videos to prove it). What an entertaining way to enjoy dinner carrying so much wild excitement throughout whilst accompanied with great Japanese food of course.

The evening ended on a high with old and new friendships being made with the diverse group of Local Stars. If you’re interested in embarking on our next Local Stars journey, find out more in the link below.

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