Snuggle Up With The Cosiest Cafes In Adelaide

Need a little pick-me-up in Adelaide this autumn? These charming cafes will help you ward away the cold in supreme comfort.

Image credit: Flinders Street Cafe
Image credit: Flinders Street Project

The Flinders Street Project


The ever-popular Flinders Street Project is a sure-fire hit for both breakfast and lunch. If you fancy something meaty, the slow-cooked lamb shoulder is a tender, flavoursome treat, served up with yoghurt, salad and fresh focaccia. The friendly staff always provide top-notch service, and they’ve got a quirky eye for decorating, too. Turn your gaze upwards and behold the Ceiling of Spoons! Find out more

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Image credit: Natures Providore
Image credit: Natures Providore

Nature’s Providore


If we’re talking cosy cafes, we certainly can’t leave out Nature’s Providore. This snuggly, rustic little spot was simply born for autumn brunches, and you’ll struggle to find a better one than the fresh and garlicky ‘Mushroom Bruschette’ on sourdough rye. There’s also a neat little organic produce section, where you can pick up various oils, condiments, fruits, cheeses and yoghurts. What a place! Find out more

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Image credit: Market St
Image credit: Market St

Market St


From the cold-brewed coffee to the funky décor and clever use of space, there’s a lot we could highlight about Market St. However, there are only three little words you really need to know: ‘Say Cheese Toastie’. This glorious invention is stuffed with taleggio, parmesan, Swiss and gruyere cheeses, and serves as the undisputed standard to which all other toasties are judged by. Try it immediately! Find out more

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Image credit: By Black Bird
Image credit: By Black Bird

By Blackbird


With its abstract artwork, striking feature wall and embroidered chairs, By Blackbird certainly makes a comfy and stylish impression. This cafe is highly regarded for its warm and welcoming staff, as well as its vibrant desserts and intricate pastries. We’re quite partial to the French toast with poached apples and maple syrup, ourselves. You can even add ice cream! And why wouldn’t you? Find out more

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Image credit: Red Door Bakery
Image credit: Red Door Bakery

Red Door Bakery


A leading artisan bakery, Red Door is a richly scented treasure trove of gourmet treats. Everything is made fresh and delicious on the day, and we can comfortably state that you haven’t tried chicken pie until you’ve tried theirs. The only problem with this place is that you will become swiftly addicted to it. There’s nothing you can do about it though, so just accept and embrace your pastry-filled fate. Find out more

“Located in Croydon, Red Door Bakery has got to be one of the best bakeries around Adelaide City. Terrific service and delicious food, both savoury and sweet! If you have not yet been here, give it a try!” – xbabydollx

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