Rug Up With The Cosiest Cafes In Brisbane

As the days get shorter and the nights get seriously cold, it’s important to be prepared. Here are five reliable spots for a delectably heart-warming feed.

Image credit: Three Monkeys
Image credit: Three Monkeys

The Three Monkeys

West End

With its tribal masks, dark colours, opulent arches and flourishing greenery, The Three Monkeys is West End’s very own hidden jungle palace. The cakes are enticing, the coffee’s invigorating, and the chai tea is a sweet and buzzing treat (go for extra honey – you know you want to). Oh, and there are indeed three monkeys to look out for! One’s on the phone though, so don’t bother it. Find out more

“Great menu & the coffee is delicious. Service is impeccable.” – Sarahflair_james

Image credit: The Gettin Place Cafe
Image credit: The Gettin’ Place Cafe

The Gettin’ Place

New Farm

The Gettin’ Place is a lovely little cafe run by Bo and Carmela Stahlman, a pair so friendly that they treat every single customer like a dear old friend. There’s a rare and charming simplicity to this place, and the food is simply excellent. The ‘Frog in the Hole’ is our favourite, with garlic-buttered toast, a fried egg, ham and salad, with “optional” haloumi. Ha! As if haloumi is ever really “optional”.

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BRIS_Spring Hill Deli Cafe_fb

Spring Hill Deli Cafe

Spring Hill

Spring Hill Deli Cafe is one of those awesome, ever-reliable family joints that should be treasured forever. It’s comfy, tranquil, totally unpretentious, and a big supporter of locally sourced organic produce. The baked oatmeal with fruit, maple syrup and Greek yoghurt is a deliciously warming delight so make sure you add it to your list! Find out more

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Image credit: Foxy Bean
Image credit: Foxy Bean

Foxy Bean

East Brisbane

We can’t decide what we like more about Foxy Bean – the Maple Pulled Pork Omelette or the wonderful artwork. The latter ranges from debonair foxes to Tim Burtonesque figures to expressive watercolour scenes, but the mysterious ‘Bottle Cage’ is the most compelling piece of all. However, the food is the real reason we’re here. The omelette is a delicious concoction that perfectly combines sweet, salty and savoury in a heart-warming flavour bomb. Find out more

“This is my favourite place to come for coffee. They make the best soy latte I’ve ever had. Great little cafe.” – MissFlik

Image credit: Lady Marmalade Cafe
Image credit: Lady Marmalade Cafe

Lady Marmalade Cafe


If it’s wholesome and hearty food in a cosy spot you crave, Lady Marmalade Cafe always hits the mark. It’s got a rustic, eclectic feel to it, with retro furniture and cute little plastic animals in place of table markers. The ‘Vegan Okra and Black-Eyed Pea Gumbo’ is like a big gastronomical hug that warms your soul, served on fresh sourdough with crumbled tofu and dukkha nuts. Find out more

“My group ordered some espressos and a latte, which were all outstanding. One of us ordered a special breakfast with a poached and then crumbed then fried egg which was pretty spectacular, and the chef was also happy to explain to us how he made it. I think I’ve found my new spot for breakfast! Chilled and delicious!” – Mark Pickering

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