Delightful Egg Breakfasts in Perth

There’s nothing like a big plate of eggs to help you wake up and punch the world in the face.

TrueLocal - Flora & Fauna: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Perth

Flora & Fauna


A rosy, cosy spot in balmy Northbridge, Flora & Fauna specialises in outstanding vegan, vegetarian and raw food options, often topped off with cute little edible floral garnishes. It’s the small touches that make the difference, after all!
Eggceptional egg dish: Huevos Rancheros Read more

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TrueLocal - Esprezzo: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Perth



Fresh, healthy, organic, Fair Trade. These four terms can make all the difference when choosing your breakfast spot, and Esprezzo features them all in delectable abundance. Top-drawer coffee is their jam (but jam is not their coffee, just so you know), and they always make sure the food measures up.
Eggceptional egg dish: Dippy Eggs: Two soft boiled eggs with buttery toasted brioche fingers and relish. Read more

Been going to Ezprezzo since Jason opened, coffee is outstanding, food is delicious. Friendly people. Have moved from the area but still go back for coffee. – Remotefire

TrueLocal - The Tuck Shop Cafe: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Perth

The Tuck Shop Cafe

Ahh, the Tuck Shop! Dunno where we’d be without this super-convenient grub-hole (that’s a lot fancier than the tuck shops we had in school). Fantastic coffee? Check. Simple, beautiful food made onsite for you every day? Checkeriffic. Fast, friendly service? Checkzilla!
Eggceptional egg dish: Crumbed pork croquettes, with a cheddar toastie, picallili, and a fried egg! Read more

Great coffee! It’s my must go place for coffee takeaway every morning as it’s conveniently tuck in the city! – orangecustomer
Picture Credit: @dhiva.shini

TrueLocal - The Shipping Lane: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Perth

The Shipping Lane

North Fremantle

While it doesn’t exactly possess a name that screams “DELICIOUS!,” we can assure you that The Shipping Lane is indeed a sleek and stylish restaurant that really brings the flavours home. It’s also BYO, by the way. You know, just in case you were planning an extra-special breakfast.
Eggceptional egg dish: Smoked Salmon, asparagus & field mushroom with bacon chips, poached egg, chive oil, hollandaise, smoked paprika & capsicum butter on an English muffin. Read more

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TrueLocal - Barchetta: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Perth



You know what goes well with a lovely egg breakfast? Stunning views of the bright blue ocean, stretching out forever into a deep horizon of tranquillity. Well, that goes with everything, in fairness, but especially egg breakfasts. Barchetta knows what’s up!
Eggceptional egg dish: Barchetta Classic – poached eggs, mushroom, tomato and bacon served on ciabatta toast with hollandaise and pesto. Read more

There’s so much to choose from that you really want to come here with a group of friends and try their food! The food has an Italian/Mediterranean flavour and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to families with children – starwoman8

TrueLocal - Sapore Espresso Bar: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Perth

Sapore Espresso Bar


Seasonal, local ingredients whipped up into sublimely tasty meals is always a pleasing concept, and Sapore Espresso Bar does it the most pleasingest! Real, home-style cooking’s the order of the day here, and it’s always guaranteed to please.
Eggceptional egg dish: Corn cake stacks with tomato avocado salsa, bacon and topped with two poached eggs. Read more

Another great Perth restaurant with plenty of vegetarian options. It gets very busy on the weekend, so we had to sit outside, but that was perfect for us as it was a lovely day! I had the breakfast bruschetta. It was so flavourful for a very simple dish and all the ingredients were so fresh. I also ordered a freshly squeezed Immune Booster Juice which complemented my meal. – Emily Lloyd

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