The Naughtiest Dessert Breakfasts in Adelaide

Breakfast and dessert are both delightful on their own, but imagine them together! Let’s explore the possibilities on this journey through Adelaide hippest cafes! There’s no better way to indulge.

Pickle in the middle
Pickle in the Middle


Pickles might not be a dessert or breakfast item but luckily for us, Pickle in the Middle serves up some divine pancakes. Their Buckwheat Pancakes arrive piping hot, complete with pureed mango, lemon-vanilla ricotta, toasted coconut, macadamia, wattle seed and kaffir lime syrup. Savour them along with a cup of D’Angelo coffee, and you’ll be ready for anything. Find out more 

“What a beautiful little unique cafe. It is that “something” when it comes to you wanting that “something different” The staff were warm and welcoming, and the food was pretty delish!! Can’t be more in love with all the preserved pickles and jalapeños and other assorted goodies! Totally yum!” – TheMiddleIngredient

mister sunshine
Mister Sunshine’s


The true identity of Mr Sunshine is a mystery we may never solve, but this enigmatic cafe proprietor certainly rustles up some good brioche French toast. It’s delightfully coupled with caramelised pear, toasted crumble and fresh labne, and pairs perfectly with one of those cappuccinos with a cute little leaf etched into the foam. The vintage cutlery and glassware are a nice touch, too! Find out more

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The Pantry

The Pantry


A little tucked away, but well worth a peek, The Pantry is a friendly, highly accommodating spot with a flair for fabulous local food. The French toast is the stuff of brekkie dreams, with apricot compote, cream cheese pistachio crumble and smooth raspberry coulis, and you’ll enjoy it very much with a ‘Penny Lane’, AKA a glass of freshly squeezed pineapple, orange and pear juice. Yum! Find out more

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A self-styled dessert and breakfast bar, Milkaholic was born to star in lists like this. Your options are as plentiful as they are delectable, but we’d definitely suggest going for the Nutella kronut. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s irresistibly indulgent. Just what you need this Easter! On the drinks front, Milkaholic serves a scrumptious coconut hot chocolate you’ll be thinking about for days after. Find out more

“My friends and I enjoyed our dessert catch-up here at Milkaholic. The torches to read the menu were fun and amusing, the service was good and the drinks and desserts we ordered were all good. I definitely would consider coming back :)” – xbabydollx

Image credit: Creperie Bruxelles
Image credit: Creperie Bruxelles

Creperie Bruxelles

Mile End

With its bronze, antique ambience, Creperie Bruxelles is an elegant tribute to classical Belgian charm. The rich selection of crepes, waffles and ice cream sundaes on offer will leave you utterly spoilt for choice, but as far as dessert breakfasts go, we reckon you can’t go wrong with the Poffertjes with butter and lemon, partnered with a side of Bruxelles syrup. Belgian hot chocolate is, of course, a mandatory accompaniment. Find out more

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Have fun enjoying your ever-so-indulgent breakfast, and be sure to review your experience on True Local. Happy Easter!

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