Hobart’s 5 Most Tantalising Dessert Breakfasts

When you hear the word breakfast, you’re probably thinking avocado, toast, cereal, and maybe bacon if you’re feeling a bit naughty. Well, these five places have completed changed the idea of breakfast into something indulgent, wicked, and very very fun.

Honey Badger Dessert Cafe
Image credit Honey Badger Dessert Cafe Facebook

Honey Badger


Every city needs at least 35 dedicated dessert cafes. Hobart’s not quite there yet, sadly, but Honey Badger is more than enough to tide us over. It’s a lovely place to find yourself whatever the time of day, and make sure you try the ‘Kyoto Holiday’ waffles. They come with green tea custard (what a time to be alive), sweet bean paste, pistachios and green tea ice cream. Drool…

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Hobart_Machine Laundry

Machine Laundry Cafe


If you’ve been in Hobart for more than 10 minutes, you’ve probably heard of Machine Laundry Café. It’s a magical place that somehow manages to successfully combine cleaning clothes and eating delicious food. Speaking on delicious food, have you tried the hotcakes? They’re huge, chunky and infused with a spicy, pumpkiny twist, and served with candied walnuts, butterscotch sauce and double cream. Yum.

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Image credit Ginger Brown
Image credit Ginger Brown

Ginger Brown

South Hobart

You might be distracted but the super friendly staff here and the host of delicious items on the menu, but we’d like to direct your attention to a big, wobbly bowl of goodness known as ‘Breakfast Trifle’. It’s comprised of muesli, yoghurt, honey, poached fruit, almonds and toasted coconut, and it’s available all day at this charming little South Hobart cafe. Thank heavens because we want to eat this for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

“I can’t speak highly enough of this cafe. The food is amazing, the staff are friendly, and the owners are kind. I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t love this place. The food is a way above the standard cafe fare – interesting and incredibly tasty. You won’t regret visiting. It is one of our favourites and definitely a Hobart highlight. Close enough to the city to make it a rewarding walk” – DeniseHF

Image credit: Pilgrim Coffee Facebook
Image credit: Pilgrim Coffee Facebook

Pilgrim Coffee


We haven’t mentioned waffles for a while, so we feel it’s time to rectify that. The bright and bricky Pilgrim Coffee offers waffles so yummy it’s almost indecent. Waffle porn, it is! They’re called Single Origin Cocoa Waffles, and they’re smothered in peanut butter cream and thick caramel, with a nice bit of fresh banana thrown. That way, you can pretend it’s actually vaguely healthy! Yay!

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Image credit Jackman and McRoss Facebook
Image credit Jackman and McRoss Facebook

Jackman & McRoss

Battery Point

It may sound like a pair of loose-cannon cops who don’t play by the rules (but damn it, they get results), but Jackman & McRoss is actually a very delightful cafe/artisan bakery down in Battery Point. The scent of fresh pastries is overwhelmingly gorgeous, and trying to pick just one can take an age. That’s why we’ve done it for you! Go for the chocolate brioche bun. Don’t think. Just do it. Trust us.

“Believe the hype! This bustling bakery is ranked very highly on many sites. Whilst in Hobart I had to check it out! OMG! As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a vast display of breads, tarts, cakes, pastries, pies…the options are endless, and my oh my, everything looks large, tasty, casually presented & so tempting! Breakfast of champions!” – robstein


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