Devilishly Delish Coffee in Sydney

Proper coffee is always worth the search!

TrueLocal - Ground Control Cafe: Coffee in Sydney

“Coffee and rocket science” is the motto here. Well, the first part of that makes sense, although we do admit to being slightly puzzled as to where the latter fits in. We do know where the latte fits in though, and that’s the important thing. Anyway, this is a compact, quirky little cafe, where the coffee flows strong and the desserts deliciously conspire to tempt you from afar. Read more

EXCELLENT (soy) coffee. Standard price as well (although no discount for BYO cup)- dan6666

TrueLocal - Single Origin Roasters: Coffee in Sydney

The first bastion of the benevolent Single O caffeine empire, this laid back curbside coffee haven is where Surry Hills’ serious jitter juice fanatics drop in to savour their favourite beverage at its absolute finest. The expert baristas here don’t merely serve coffee; they live coffee. You could almost say they are coffee. Read more

Oh yeah. This is one of the best coffee’s I’ve had. There is so much competition around but this one seems to be the most busiest in the mornings. The queue was long but I only waited about 5 minutes for my coffee. It was delicious! Just the right amount of milk and wasn’t too hot. I can’t wait to try the food! – rina.v

TrueLocal - Steam Engine: Coffee in Sydney

Steam Engine


If you’ve trained yourself to be a fastidiously choosy coffee snob, then you’ll certainly be heading down the right track with a trip to Steam Engine. We love Steam Engine though, and so will you if you’re a fan of expertly brewed coffee served up by some of the nicest people in the entire world. Read more

Really great coffee and yum food. It is small, but it is a great place to pick something up before work or during the day! The staff are super friendly. I love the artwork. Location is spectacular. Really really a cut above most cafes on the North Shore – R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1

TrueLocal - Brewtown Newtown: Coffee in Sydney

A café, retail centre, micro roastery, and brew bar all in one, you say? Oh, Brewtown Newtown! When did you get so wacky? In fact, you might as well add “killer restaurant” to that list too, while you’re at it, but the coffee is definitely the star of the show. As beautifully presented as it is delicious, you’ll find options here to suit every palette. Read more

The coffee here is fantastic. I’ve been three times now and there’s usually a line-up outside to get in, but people don’t stay too long so the tables turn quickly, meaning there isn’t a long wait. Plus you can look around upstairs in the store to kill some time. – jaydeedw

TrueLocal - Knickknack Cafe: Coffee in Sydney

If coffee for you is served best as part of an absurdly healthy meal, then Knickknack Cafe’s got your number, sunshine. A sumptuous banquet of vegan and vegetarian choices awaits your approval within this unendingly pleasant spot, and the coffee itself has become the stuff of legends. So, toddle on down, grab a spinach pastry or a hot-pressed salami sandwich, and enjoy. Read more

LOVE LOVE LOVE the muffins!! So scrumptious! You must try one (or more)! Really friendly service and great coffee! What more do you want! Go there!! – uglybub

TrueLocal - Uliveto Cafe: Coffee in Sydney

Uliveto Cafe

Potts Point

Do you prefer to sip your coffee surrounded by charming elegance and stylish splendour? Well, we well do, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a swankier coffeehouse than super-slick Uliveto Cafe. After all, it was designed by an architect and has a courtyard and everything! That makes it the perfect spot for a nice, steaming drop of ristretto, piccolo or macchiato, don’t you think? Read more

During the week there are often informal business meetings and catch-ups going on, as well as arty-types relaxing in the outside courtyard. The service is very sophisticated and professional and the staff know the regulars by name and by coffee order. There are often electro-jazz tunes playing and the vibe is very New York. This is cool inner city cafe culture. Importantly, the food here is amazing. – C Sandiego

TrueLocal - Coffee Brothers: Coffee in Sydney

Coffee Brothers

Mona Vale

If blood is thicker than water, then coffee is thicker than blood. Tony and Mark, the eponymous heroes of the Coffee Brothers story, believe in achieving total java deliciousness through the purest form of fair trade; selecting only the finest coffee beans and buying them directly from their trusted network of leading farmers. Now this is coffee, friends! Read more

Best coffee in the northern beaches, by far. Can only speak for the coffee, but the huge breakfasts others are tucking into look really great. – GeilyA

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