5 Totally Delicious Ways to Enjoy Easter in Adelaide


Easter is a time of chocolate, family fun, chocolate, relaxing and more chocolate. As you’ll discover, Adelaide has plenty of each to go around!

Chocolate Shop


Oh, Haigh’s! You big, huggable Australian institution, you. Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without a constant supply of those lovely little chocolate fish, chickens and bilbies Haigh’s whips up, and, it’s still going strong in its 101st year of business. Better still, all products are made from certified sustainable cocoa beans, which makes them as ethical as they are delicious. Everyone wins! Find out more

Easter Activity

Adelaide International Kite Festival

The Adelaide International Kite Festival soars onto Semaphore Beach this year, and the skies explode in a frenzy of crazy, colourful kites from all around the world. But what does this have to do with Easter, you ask? Well, with a myriad of entertainment, music, food, dancing and even an appearance from the Easter Bunny himself, there’s no better way to enjoy the Easter weekend. Find out more

Hot Cross Buns

Kytons Bakery

Kytons Bakery might be famous for its marvellous, melt-in-your-mouth Lamingtons, but the deliciousness doesn’t stop there. It’s also the best place in town to get your hands on a pack of premium-quality hot cross buns. Expect nothing but soft, fluffy pastry and the very best Australian dried fruit in these award-winning bad boys, and make sure to sample the Menz FruChocs variety for an extra chocolatey kick. Find out more

Chocolate Beer

Lobethal Bierhaus

This time, the chocolate train is coming to you in beer form. Specifically, the Chocolate Oatmeal Stout by Lobethal Bierhaus, which uses golden rolled oats, malted and roasted barley, carefully chosen English hops and yeast, and offers hints of chocolate and roasted coffee flavours. In other words, it’s sensational. Find out more

Long Weekend Holiday

McLaren Vale

With a full four days off week (who doesn’t love an extra long weekend), there’s no better way to wind down than in world-famous McLaren Vale, one of the winiest places known to man, beast or vegetable. And hey, if you’re not into wine, there’s always the rolling hills, emerald woods, tranquil beaches, fancy restaurants (you can’t go wrong at D’arry’s Verandah), picturesque towns and villages. Expect all-around excellence but don’t forget to bring us back a bottle or two, ok? Find out more

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