Your Ultimate Guide for an Awesome Easter in Brisbane

Easter Brisbane
As we all know, the Easter Break heralds a wonderful four work-free days where we get to lie back and indulge in chocolate, hot cross buns, and Easter egg hunts. Luckily for you, we’ve scouted out some of the best!

Chocolate Shop

Couverture & Co

Easter requires some serious chocolate devouring, so let’s not mess around here. Only the finest Belgian couverture selection will do, so be sure to pay a visit to Couverture & Co. The shop’s delightful and wise chief chocolatier, Jess, works tirelessly to handcraft a brilliantly intricate array of eggs, bunnies and other seasonal surprises, each one as eye-catchingly beautiful as it is delicious. Find out more

Easter Activity

Redcliffe Sails Festival

The Redcliffe Sails Festival brings together the best of both nautical hijinks and Easter merriment. The big yacht race is the main event, of course, but there’s enough food, drink, market stalls and activities to ensure that everyone has a blast. Last year even featured the Easter Bunny himself dropping in via paraglider, soaring through the great blue yonder like some majestic, floppy eared angel. Find out more

Hot Cross Buns

Flour & Chocolate Patisserie

Never mind bakers; these guys are artists. We can firmly attest that there’s no better place in Brisbane to grab some utterly sumptuous hot cross buns than this traditional, French-style bakery. And you won’t just find hot cross buns here, either. You’ve also got hot cross sourdoughs and hot cross donuts to tempt your lucky taste buds. Basically, if you can name it, they can hot cross it! Find out more

Chocolate Beer

Bacchus Brewing Co

Do you want more chocolate? Is that a yes? That’s the spirit! Or the beer, we should say, as we’ve got a very tasty one lined up for you this Easter. Its name is Snickers Amber Ale, and it’s brought to you by Brisbane’s very own Bacchus Brewing Co. This rich dessert beer is infused with delectable hints of chocolate, caramel and peanuts, so head down for a taster or two. Find out more

Long Weekend Holiday

Stradbroke Island

Looking for an extra-special way to spend the long Easter weekend this year? How does a trip out to an idyllic island paradise sound? What about white sand, rich blue lakes and gorgeous greenery sound? Or maybe fresh seafood, mouth-watering gelato (hot tip: Oceanic Gelati and Coffee Bar) and beachside bistros? Swanky resorts, nature trails and galleries? Convinced yet? Well then! Jump in your caddie and haul it to Straddie! Find out more

Wherever the Easter weekend takes you, be sure to review it on True Local!

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