Eggcellent Ways to Spend Easter in Melbourne

As we all know, the Easter Break heralds a wonderful four work-free days where we get to lie back and indulge in chocolate, hot cross buns, and Easter egg hunts. Luckily for you, we’ve scouted out some of the best!

Chocolate Shop

Burch and Purchese

Easter without chocolate is like Christmas without presents, so it’s important to have a chocolatier you can count on to deliver the most delectable goodies every time. The madcap genius of Darren Purchese has turned B&P into one of the most respected chocolate shops in Melbourne, and the Easter range is simply phenomenal, from the ‘fried egg’ lollies to Pablo the Easter Penguin. He’s so adorable you almost won’t want to eat him. Almost. Find out more

Easter Activity

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

The Cadbury Easter Egg hunt in Werribee Park is the largest egg hunt in all of Australia, and also features such merriments as live shows, pony rides, face painting, arts, crafts, fairground rides, and a gigantic picnic. This glorious Easter blowout is an annual highlight for many a Victoria family, and 25% of all the proceeds go towards Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. Good stuff all round. Find out more

Hot Cross Buns

Jean Pierre Sancho

We all know you can’t do the whole Easter thing without hot cross buns! But where to get the best from? Well, as a beloved national institution, Brumby’s is always a good shout. These buns are baked to golden perfection and come in two tasty choices. The classic option is great for the purists, and the Nutella variation shows that Brumby’s knows what the Aussies truly want: more Nutella in everything! Find out more

Chocolate Beer

The Crafty Squire

Not even beer is safe from the unstoppable chocolate craze that takes over the world around Easter. As it turns out though, beer and chocolate have a long and happy history together. Take the ‘Darkside’, for example. It’s a rich, full-bodied stout with aromatic hints of chocolate and cherry, available on tap at The Crafty Squire. We’ll see you there for an Easter tipple or two! Find out more

Long Weekend Holiday

Mornington Peninsula

Long weekends are all too rare, so let’s make the most of this one! The Mornington Peninsula is a mere hour’s drive from Melbourne, and plays host to a bounty of delights to keep you occupied this Easter. From Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens to Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, not to mention the multitude of hot springs, markets, marine life, galleries and golf courses, there’s something on offer for everyone! Find out more

However you spend Easter, we hope it’s your best one yet. And don’t forget to add a few True Local reviews!

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