Enchanting Christmas lights in Brisbane

Never mind your electricity bills; It’s Christmas, which means it’s time to get festive!

Hillier Court, Flinders View

Hillier court 03
Picture credit: Hiller Court Christmas Lights

‘Tis the season to be… recycling? Hey, why not? This ingenious exhibition of Christmas lights shows you don’t have to spend a lot to make pretty things, utilising 749 aluminium cans, 280 milk bottles, over 100 soft drink bottles, and roughly one metric elephant-tonne of plastic bags to create a truly unique display. Go have a peek!

Kaiser Drive, Windaroo

Christmas Lights

Got any exciting plans for Christmas eve there, friend? Course you do! You’re off to Kaiser Drive in Windaroo, where you’ll bear witness to one of the finest collection of Christmas lights known to man and mineral alike. Almost the entire street gets in on the act, with parties thrown, all visitors welcome, and the odd appearance by a certain large, jolly, bearded man.

Brandella Place, Belmont

Brandella Place 03
Picture credit: Kym

Brandella Place is one of those lovely, impossibly friendly cul-de-sacs that you’d swear don’t actually exist in real life. This one certainly does, however, and every Christmas, it transforms itself into a veritable wonderland of lights, snow machines, miniatures, LASERS and various other festive joys. Santa shows up here as well, strangely enough. How on earth does he find the time?

Cockatiel Court, Deception Bay

Cockatiel Court
Picture credit: Cockatiel Court Christmas Lights

Christmas is all about goodwill and cheer towards your fellow humans. Or so they tell us, anyway. We just thought it was about getting loads of cool stuff for free. But anyway, the beautiful, glittery scenes of yuletide lightery at Cockatiel Court are as noble as they are spectacular, as they’re all in aid of raising money for the RBWH Foundation. Yay!

Graceville Avenue Christmas Lights, Brisbane

Graceville Ave 03
Picture credit: Graceville Ave Christmas Lights Brisbane

Finally, we find ourselves at the most elaborate, ambitious, meticulously planned display of all. Excited? You should be, buster! The award-winning Graceville Avenue Christmas lights are a triumphant extravaganza of synchronised LEDs, music and general holiday happiness, so head down and prepare to be soundly dazzled. If it helps, we promise that only one of the songs is from Frozen

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