What’s Happening in Melbourne this April


The month of Easter is here, but there’s much more going on in Melbourne than just ironic spring imagery and a bad chocolate hangover. Take this lot, for example.

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Date: 4 April

Location: Various

Ice cream is practically flawless, but there is one sure-fire way to improve it: stick the word “free” at the beginning. Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day has been on the go since 1979, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Simply stroll along to your nearest Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop (there’s seven of ‘em dotted about Melbourne) and choose your free scoop of Phish Food, Cookie Dough or Cherry Garcia. It runs from noon to 8pm, so you’ll have plenty of time. The day also serves to raise awareness about climate change, so it’s all for a good cause. Y’know, as if free ice cream wasn’t a good enough cause on its own.

Dreamland Theme Park Music Festival

Date: 24 April

Location: Luna Park, St Kilda

Ahh, the age-old dilemma: theme park or music festival? Sometimes you simply can’t decide, so thank whatever god you’re down with for the fact that you no longer have to. Much like Free Cone Day, Dreamland Theme Park Music Festival is exactly what it sounds like. It combines thrilling rides, carnival games and four separate stages of pumping music, as well as a host of pop-up bars and food stalls. The music stages are the Carouse Main Stage, the Luna Palace Bounce Arena, the Silent Disco (always good), and the VIP RnB Rooftop. That should keep you busy!

The Big Chicken Festival

Date: 7 – 9 April

Location: The Food Truck Park, Preston

They got festivals for everything these days, so why should the crispy-yet-tender goodness of fried chicken be overlooked? For three whole days in April, Melbourne’s greatest chicken maestros will be piling into the Food Truck Park for a non-stop barrage of delectable fun. If you have even a cursory interest in fried chicken, you simply have to check this out. In addition to all the grub, a lovely selection of craft beers and wines will also be available, courtesy of Barry’s Bar. It’s a totally family-friendly evet, and even dogs are welcome. Might want to leave your chickens at home, though…

The Color Run Night

Date: 22 April

Location: Flemington Racecourse, Flemington

Time for a fun run with a difference! The Color Run takes place all over the world (hence the u-free spelling of the word – not our typo, we swear!), and aims to bring people together through five kilometres of good laughs, crazy costumes, and perhaps the odd stitch or two. Melbourne’s Color Run Night is even more exciting, taking place after dark on a course divided into dazzling neon colour zones. You’ll also be sprinkled in glow-in-the-dark colour dust, and invited to the spectacular Finish Party once the run is complete. Music, bad dancing, good food. You know the drill. Give it a go!

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