What’s Happening in Adelaide this January


We like to start the new year off with a bang, so here are four awesome events to give 2017 a proper South Australian welcome.

No Pants Tram Ride

Date: 8 January

Venue: Victoria Square, Adelaide

The No Pants Tram Ride is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but we’ll go over the basics nonetheless. It’s based on the No Pants Subway Ride started by New York’s Improv Everywhere, and is hosted every year by Adelaide Flashmob. You simply stick your pants in a bag (keep your undies on – we’re not barbarians) and head for the meeting point at Victoria square. Keep an eye out for the lady with the yellow umbrella (very spy movie), before dispersing along the tram platform and pretending not to know all of your pants-less amigos. Then you ride the tram and act completely normal, whilst secretly enjoying all the weird looks. Everyone meets up again afterwards for photos and prizes, and many laughs will be shared. It’s fun! Find out more

Glenelg Street Party

Date: 18 January

Location: Jetty Road, Glenelg

You can’t beat the classics, and a big old summer street party is as classic as they come. We hope you’re free on the 18th, because Glenelg street is going into the kind of heavy-duty carnival mode that legends are made of. You can expect free live entertainment, a wealth of your favourite food vendors, art, fashion, and plenty of cool stuff to keep the kids occupied. It all kicks off at 5pm, and runs for six hours, so there’s plenty of time to see, do and taste it all. Last year’s party was ace, and this one’s shaping up to be even better! Find out more

Tour Down Under

Date: 14 – 22 January

Location: Various

It’s the biggest cycling event in the southern hemisphere, and it’s back once again to dazzle fans across the world. The Tour Down Under has been part of the prestigious UCI WorldTour since 2008, and it’s a truly world-class event. The biggest names in the sport will turn out to test their skills against one another, and tens of thousands of eager spectators are heading down to watch them do it. It’s far more than just a cycling event, with a festival atmosphere that celebrates everything great about South Australian food and culture. Find out more

Ignyte Summer School

Date: 23 – 27 Jan

Location: George Street, Norwood

If your kids are anything like we were at that age, the phrase ‘summer school’ probably caused them to flee so quick they left human-shaped dust clouds behind. Go get them back, however, because this ain’t just any school – it’s a dance school! Ignyte is bringing its best instructors to Adelaide for five days of exhilarating lessons for kids and adults alike, covering everything from hip hop to ballroom to musical theatre. It’s a great chance to make friends, get some exercise and learn from top professionals, all in a warm and encouraging environment. Find out more


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