What’s Happening In Melbourne This July


July is here, and it’s brought tons of awesome stuff to see and experience. Melbourne’s never boring, but we can confidently say this this month is the least boringest it’s ever been. Ever.

Ballarat Winter Festival

Date: 1 – 30 July

Location: Ballarat

This July, Ballarat is most definitely the place to be. The first ever Ballarat Winter Festival is about to kick off, encompassing arts, food and the area’s rich cultural heritage. There’s a ludicrous amount of stuff going on, including live music, comedy, beer tastings, local delicacies to sample, ghost tours (yes), bustling markets, artistic displays, interactive workshops, and a full-on Christmas wonderland for the kids to go nuts in. ‘Cause hey, why not? It might not be Christmas on the calendar yet, but it’s always Christmas in our hearts. Anyway, we’ve barely scratched the surface, so please do check out the website to see the full events line-up.

Indian Festival

Date: 15 – 16 July

Location: Queen Street, Queen Victoria Market

What’s this? Another festival? Oh, go on then. You’ve been good. This one sets its sights a little further afield, celebrating all the sights, sounds and flavours of the faraway land of India. That’s why it’s called the “Indian Festival”, you see. You with us so far? Good. The Indian Festival transforms Queen Street into a bona fide Indian market, with countless stalls to browse, treats to devour, and vibrantly colourful performances to enjoy. MasterChef contestant, Neha Sen, will be conducting delectable cooking demonstrations, and there’s also Bollywood dancing, henna tattoos, and plenty more to get involved in.

Open House Melbourne Weekend 2017

Date: 29 – 30 July

Location: Various

Unbeknownst to many (but knownst to us), Melbourne is actually a pretty interesting place with a fair amount of history behind it. Open House Melbourne gives you the chance to explore that history like never before, with more than 200 culturally significant buildings opening up to the public and hosting a range of talks and exhibitions. It’s a super-interesting way to learn more about the city that most of take for granted every single day, and you can either take a guided tour or simply amble around and take it all in at your own pleasure.

Nite Art

Date: 27 July

Location: Various

Pop quiz, hotshot: what do you get when you round up 50 cutting-edge artists and give them an entire city to play with? Why, you get Nite Art, of course! This unique event is all about providing at platform for Melbourne’s most exciting young artists to truly shine, and transforms the city into a haven of galleries, exhibitions, installations and lectures. You’ll find a bit of everything here, including sculpture, painting, photography and printmaking, as well as exciting new media displays. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Victoria’s thriving creative scene, as well as impress your mates by nodding thoughtfully and pretending you know about art.

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