What’s Happening in Adelaide This October


The air’s getting warmer and the days are longer, so it’s time to cram as many awesome events into our calendars as possible. Adelaide’s got no shortage of them this month, so let’s dive in and see what’s what.


Adelaide Zombie Walk

Date: 15 October

Location: Elder Park, Adelaide

The Adelaide Zombie Walk is a yearly fundraising event in support of Foodbank SA, and it’s basically the coolest thing ever. Thousands of zombified participants amble over to Elder Park, where they set off in a big loop around the river Torrens. It’s amazing to witness, and even better to take part in. There’s food stalls, vendors and even a DJ set up in the park, as well as a contest to determine the best-dressed zombies. Expect gallons of fake blood and enough guttural moaning to cause a mild earthquake. It’s open to literally everyone, so zombie up the kids and get them some exercise! Find out more


Adelaide Fashion Festival

Date: 19-23 October

Location: Victoria Square, Adelaide

Ah, back to the realm of the living! The Adelaide Fashion Festival is a grand celebration of the SA fashion scene, comprised of 20 separate events across 10 designer runways. You’ll get the chance to see the latest trends unveiled, attend choice workshops, chat to leading fashion personalities and even sample the yummiest local food and wine, all in the city’s very best venues. The region’s flair and creativity will be flaunted for all to see, garnering plenty of attention both here and abroad. Whether you’re a designer, a boutique retailer or you simply adore fashion, there’s plenty here to get your juices flowing. Find out more


Feast Festival

Date: 21 October – 6 November

Location: Various

Starting life as a humble little arts festival back in the late ‘90s, Feast has blossomed over the last two decades into the one of the biggest and most ambitious LGBTIQ festivals in the entire country. The wealth of cabaret, dramatic theatre, music, visual arts, workshops, cinema, stand-up and more covers the entire spectrum of LGBTIQ issues, and ranges from moving to tear-jerking to absurdly hilarious (often all in the same show). Anyone who’s interested is more than welcome to check it out, and you might just learn a thing or two about your fellow human beings. Don’t miss it! Find out more


Adelaide Antique Fair

Date: 27 – 30 October

Location: Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre, Wayville

Whether you’ve got a seasoned eye for a bargain or are just getting into the world of antique shopping, the Adelaide Antiques Fair is a fantastic way to stick it to mass production and bring a little character into your life. Many of Australia’s leading dealers will be there to showcase their wares, and you genuinely never know what you might find by the way of furniture, art, clothing, utensils, or pretty much anything else. Let’s sniff out some goodies! Find out more


Image credit: Feast (Photojo)

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