What’s Happening in Sydney This October


October is shaping up to be a tasty month for the fine city of Sydney. It’s time to fill our boots with all the culture we can gorge on, so here are a few ideas to get you started.


The O.C. Party

Date: 2 October

Location: Plan B Small Club, Sydney

CALIFOORRRRRNYAAAAAAAAA! Yep, The O.C. may be long gone, but the adventures of moody bad boy Ryan (Ben McKenzie, who now stars on Gotham) and equally moody rich girl Marissa (Mischa Barton, who now, um… we’ll get back to you) will live on in our hearts forever. That’s why The Bait Shop’s O.C. Party is an unmissable treat for those of a certain age, and we’ll definitely be there to bathe in the glorious nostalgia. Expect nonstop period-appropriate music, delightfully detailed O.C. décor and a bounty of food and drink, as well as prizes for the best early-2000s outfits (tank tops at the ready). Mmm, whatcha say? Find out more


Taronga’s 100 Year Birthday Parade

Date: 15 October

Location: Macquarie Street, Sydney

As you may have heard, 2016 marks the hundredth anniversary of New South Wales’ greatest wildlife haven. Taronga Zoo has officially joined the centenarian club, and it’s spent the whole year celebrating in style. Everything comes to a head on October 15th, when an all-singing, all-dancing parade sets out from Hyde Street to retrace the 1916 journey of the zoo’s first ever animals. The ten stunning light sculptures of these inaugural critters are worth the visit alone, and you certainly won’t want to miss the grand finale outside the Sydney Opera House! Find out more


Sculpture by the Sea

Date: 20 October – 6 November

Location: Tamarama Beach, Bondi Beach

Ever wanted to see two kilometres of coastline transformed into a marvellous dreamscape of sculptural beauty? Then make sure you zip down to Bondi Beach for this year’s Sculpture by the Sea! This unique and ambitious Sydney art project has been running since 1997, and it’s grown to feature the works of over 100 artists from Australia and all across the world. And we’re not just talking clay pots and miniature poodle figurines, here. This is your chance to experience sculpture at its big, colourful, intricate finest, and you’ll be blown away at the wonders achieved with the right materials and a pair of talented hands. Find out more


Oktoberfest in the Gardens

Date: 29 October

Location: TBC

Easily in the top five greatest German inventions (along with paraffin wax, ring binders, cell theory and MP3s), Oktoberfest returns to Sydney for another bombastic bonanza of beer, feasting, beer, cider, beer, live performance, food, beer, music, wine, banquets, and beer. In short (or lederhosen), it’s a bloody good time. This year’s event features two enormous beer halls overflowing with imported brews, and every guest gets a free 500ml stein sample. Compete in various events, marvel at the multitude of roving performers, and let the hearty Bavarian spirit rouse you long into the night. Find out more


Image credit: Oktoberfest in the Gardens


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