Melbourne’s 5 Most Heart-Warming Fireplace Pubs

It’s no secret that Melbourne can get pretty chilly. It’s also no secret that Melbourne has some of the most awesome bars and pubs around. And, when you combine chilly weather with a cosy bar, the only thing that makes it even more awesome is a fireplace. Isn’t it lucky then, that we’ve put together this list of the cosiest fireplace pubs in Melbourne?

Image credit: The Local Taphouse
Image credit: The Local Taphouse

The Local Taphouse

St Kilda

How can one pub have so many beers? Over a hundred craft beers plus a ton of bottles is a good shout by anyone’s reckoning, as is the lovely courtyard with a massive open fire. It doesn’t stop there though. In addition to the toe-warming flames, the Sunday roast is utterly delicious, and there’s even an indoor bocce court for those who fancy a game or two.

“Apparently Carlisle Street is the new Acland Street and with it comes all the new trendy spots. Great selection of beers on tap and a good vibe, traditional pub vibe. The food is decent too and the beer does stimulate your appetite for the southern friend chicken. It gets quite noisy and crowded and is obviously a trendy place to hang out.” – starwoman8

Image credit: The Union Club Hotel
Image credit: The Union Club Hotel

The Union Club Hotel


The good old Union is as classic a pub as they come, comprised roughly of 68% beer, 20% smiles, 7% pool tables and 5% chicken parma. To make things even better, there’s a crackling fire that radiates throughout the venue, the décor is honest, worn-in and comforting, and as for that parma we mentioned? Try the Mexican one. It’s all about the jalapenos!

“I recently had lunch on a Friday at the Union Club. There was a great buzz about the place and the crew I was with really loved the food. We’ll be back.” – Michelle Spencer




In a perfect world, every pub would double up as a tasty sourdough pizza parlour. It’s not a perfect world, however, so it’s important to treasure places like Lazerpig. It’s all fresh ingredients, chequered table cloths, great music and vibrant flavours, with a hearty fireplace nestled beneath a hanging Mona Lisa. It’s hard to just pick one pizza, but the ‘Ronnie J’ is a sweet, spicy, sausagey treat that goes perfectly with the roaring flames in the background

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Image credit: Dr Morse
Image credit: Dr Morse

Dr Morse


Dr Morse is the only medical professional we listen to, and this eclectic bar is undoubtedly the coolest spot in Abbotsford. If you grab a seat in the little loungey fireplace bit, it’s also one of the warmest, too! The food here is suitably diverse, and we’d highly suggest sampling the pit-roasted Siu Mei barbeque pork, doused in ginger and hoi sin.

“Not only is it an afterwork bar (with a pretty awesome beer garden) that seems to go on until all hours of the night, but you can also rock up hear early in the morning and grab a coffee and some breakfast.” – David Sarkies

Image credit: Katuk
Image credit: Katuk


South Yarra

There are few finer sights than a cosy fire blazing beneath a packed bookcase, and that’s just a taster of Katuk’s relaxed, inviting style. The drinks are varied, the pies are totally delish, the cushions are plentiful, and the staff are some of the nicest around. What’s more, if you live or work locally, you get 25% off all your drinks! Pick a little alcove to hide away in, and settle down for a thoroughly pleasant evening.

“Tricky to find (it’s just a doorway on Chapel St) but a really cool bar. Wide selection of drinks for all types and friendly staff. The fireplace is a nice touch and adds a nice cosy feel – perfect for a cold night!” – Katew41


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