Alluring First Date Spots in Adelaide

 Alluring First Date Spots in Adelaide

You only get one first date, so you better make it count. Follow our lead and make your Valentine’s day memorable with these unique date spots.

The Market Shed on Holland

“Let’s go to the shed” isn’t normally a particularly convincing date suggestion. Unless, of course, it’s The Market Shed we’re talking about. This bright, airy old converted building is home to a host of fascinating artisan food stalls and enticing snack bars, and you’ll find everything here from spices to coffee to fruits to pizza to gelato to wine. Immerse yourselves in some proper culinary culture! Find out more

Crippen Place

If you’re naturally indecisive, choosing a single first date setting can be a pretty intimidating affair. What if one of you doesn’t like it? What if something goes horribly wrong? Who needs that kind of pressure, man? Oh, god! Fortunately, however, Crippen Place has it sorted. From a dance club to a Chinese bar to a rooftop cinema, each level sports a unique, top-quality venue to zip between at will. Find out more

The IceArenA

Who’d ever have thought that sliding around in a pair of bladed shoes on a large, cold, flat surface could be so romantic, eh? Still, it is what it is, and this place is South Australia’s leading ice skating centre. It’s well worth a dating shot, especially if neither of you are actually very good at ice skating. Nothing clears away the awkwardness like repeatedly falling down in front of each other. You’ll see! Find out more

Giwa Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant

If you’ve never tried Korean barbeque before, then now’s certainly the time to start. If your date’s never tried it either, then that’s even better! You can both embark upon a most excellent edible adventure together, bonding over great heaps of exotic delectables and many a glass of flavoursome, full-bodied plum wine. Sounds like a plan, no? Find out more

Geocaching Treasure Hunt

If your idea of a good date is a little more adventurous than just sitting around and eating stuff, then what could beat a good, old-fashioned treasure hunt? Or rather, a good new-fashioned treasure hunt. Geocaching is treasure hunting for the Information Age and is based around searching for hundreds of special caches hidden all around the country using GPS signals. Find out more

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