Magical First Date Spots in Melbourne

Magical First Date Spots in Melbourne

Flowers, chocolate and a fancy restaurant might make a good first impression or you follow our lead to make it truly memorable.

Madame Brussels

Madame Brussels kind of resembles what might have happened if the acid revolution had occurred a decade earlier, turning the 1950s into a glorious haze of delightful, opulent weirdness. We mean that in the best way possible, of course, and this quirky, playfully sexy rooftop bar will certainly give you plenty to talk about to help slice through that early first date awkwardness. Find out more

Pixel Alley

You like bars, right? Cool. You like arcades too? Yep! Then you’re guaranteed to love this kickass ‘barcade’ that colourfully combines the best of both worlds. It packs over a hundred retro arcade games, including Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat 2. It’s a gamers’ paradise for you and that special someone. Find out more

ShanDong MaMa

Don’t let the its modest appearance fool you; ShanDong MaMa is one of the very finest Chinese dumpling joints in Melbourne. All the sumptuous cooking is overseen by Mama herself, a lady who truly knows a damn good dumpling. A trip here will show your date just how savvy you are about the local culinary scene, even as you happily lose yourselves amidst the steaming, greasy goodness. Find out more


Now here’s one for the brave (which rules us out) and quick-witted (which definitely rules us out). Trapt presents a series of high-quality and nefariously themed ‘escape the room’ experiences, such as Wonderland, Biohazard, Prisonbreak and Transylvania. It also boasts an extremely swanky bar, which is a great dating spot in its own right if you fancy something a little less adventurous. Find out more

Gin Palace

“Gin Palace” is what we called our flat back at uni, funnily enough. Unsurprisingly, we didn’t get too many first dates (and even fewer second ones). This Gin Palace plays host to plenty of them, however, as it’s an award-winning bastion of luxurious, velvety, low-lit coolness that couldn’t be better suited to showing couples of all sorts a hell of a good evening. Now who wants martinis? Find out more

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Image credit: Gin Palace and Bar’d/Up

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