Unique First Date Spots in Perth

Top 5 First Dates - Perth

The key to a successful first date is originality so check out these one-of-a-kind spots to spend Valentine’s Day.

The Maze

Perhaps the whole ‘fancy restaurants’ thing isn’t for you. Perhaps your idea of a good date is a little more… proactive. Energetic. Challenging, even! If that’s the case, you’ll feel right at home amongst the mazes, mini golf courses, giant chess boards and friendly koalas, kangaroos and emus of The Maze, where you and your newfound partner can forget your troubles and act like big, goofy kids again. Find out more

Midori Teppanyaki + Bar

Teppanyaki is Japanese cuisine involving a large iron griddle (we’re sure you knew that, of course, but not all our readers are so culturally enlightened). Midori Teppanyaki + Bar takes the concept to marvellous theatrical heights, allowing guests to gaze in wonder as the talented chefs and barmen make a dazzling show of crafting sumptuous delicacies and intricate cocktails before their very eyes. Find out more

Perth Observatory

How about a fantastical window into the unimaginable infinity? A peek at the star-speckled glory of the final frontier? A tantalising glimpse of the vast, almighty majesty of SPACE! Ahem, sorry. Anyway, at Perth Observatory, that’s just what you’ll get. Doesn’t get much more romantic than this! Find out more


If infinite space is a little too mind-boggling for you, let us head in the opposite direction and delve deep into Perth’s enticing underground bar scene. Bobeche, specifically, which is an alluringly mysterious venue inspired by the speakeasies of the 1920s. Trust us; anyone you take here is guaranteed to think you’re super cool. Find out more

Food Safari

If you can’t decide on just one place to bring your lucky guy or gal for the night, this might just appeal to your clearly indecisive nature (which you really need to work on). Run by the good folks at Foodi, these wonderful tours will take you off the beaten track and let you sample the true flavours of the city, expanding your culinary horizons in a whole range of romantic settings. Find out more

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