Melbourne’s Marvellous Florists

There, there. Flowers will make it all better.


Flowers Vasette


The brainchild of trendsetting (and appropriately named) businesswoman Cherrie Miriklis, Flowers Vasette is a bustling wonderland of high-class floral artistry servicing the entire Melbourne metropolitan region. Since the seeds were planted in 1989, it’s blossomed into one of the area’s most highly regarded florists. If you need flowers, thistle definitely do the trick (hehe sorry we couldn’t resist). Find out more

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Kate Hill Flowers


Kate Hill, eh? Not quite as clear cut as the other two, but flowers do grow on hills. Another person always destined for floral greatness, it seems! Kate Hill Flowers specialises in joyous creativity, utilising nothing but the freshest, highest-quality flowers to craft intricate bouquets and arrangements for weddings, special occasions and individual customers alike. Find out more

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Speaking of appropriate names, Fleur in Armadale is actually run by a lady named Fleur. Honestly, she never really had much choice, did she? Still, she’s certainly made the most of it, and her incredible floristry has won her five (FIVE) gold medals at the Melbourne international flower show. You want in on some of this critically acclaimed action, right? Then flitter down to Fleur, friends! Find out more

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BG Flowers

South Yarra

BG Flowers’ biggest strength is the diversity and range of experience present within its talented team of floral designers. Comprised of leading experts who’ve honed their skills all across Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Japan and Korea, this tight-knit group of petal perfectionists revels in creating totally unique arrangements to match every individual client.
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BG Flowers provided me with the perfect options and exactly what I wanted. The quality of the flowers was amazing and I would definitely recommend them to other people. The service was also fantastic and the flowers lasted a long time. I was really impressed with their job. That was very impressive!! – iamchloeadams



Flower Flower


Ahh, good old Flower Flower. The florist so good they named it twice! Another gem that’s been going strong since 1989 (a good year for Melbourne’s flower fans, apparently), you’ll find Flower Flower’s spectacular designs brightening up many a hospital, storefront, restaurant, café and office throughout the city. Pop down to their shop now and get in on the action yourself!
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We used Flower Flower for our winter wedding and the results were stunning!!! Chris wonderfully incorporated our desired colour theme – orange – into arrangements with tulips, roses, lilies, oranges and tangerines (as whole fruits and cut into halves and slices). A creative explosion of colour and festive atmosphere! Everyone loved it 🙂 –XeniaE


Flos Florum


Flos Florum excels in grand celebration and personal gifts alike, delivering their special brand of floral happiness all throughout Melbourne metro and the adjacent suburbs (including free delivery to Cabrini Hospital in Malvern). From picture-perfect dream weddings to classy corporate functions, you can always depend on Flos Forum for something seasonal, stylish and sensational. Find out more

So impressed with the service we always receive at Flos Florum. I love using their website when I’m overseas and need flowers for family and friends. We always receive great feedback from everyone we send flowers to from Flos Florum. Keep up the good work guys – Lawrie89


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