Fantabulous Florists in Perth

You wanted flowers? These ones are bloomin’ brilliant!


The Flower Run


Grab your miniature trowels, dainty little watering cans, and all the overpriced organic soil you can carry, boyo s; we’re going on a flower run! Oh wait, turns out we don’t need to. The pre-existing Flower Run in Cottesloe seems to have us covered already. This marvellous, petal-peddling palace specialises in the very finest freshly picked local flowers, and delivers them straight to you! Cool, eh? Find out more

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A Touch of Class Florist


Fancy some class? No? Oh, go on, just a touch! Yes, there we go. You know, ‘A Touch of Class Florist’ is actually a fairly modest moniker, considering the supreme amount of class this Hyatt Centre florist actually has. Which, of course, brings up another question entirely: how much class should a florist have before it becomes a veritable botanical garden? Well, wherever the answer may dwell, this place sure sells nice flowers. Find out more

Absolutely fantastic service and beautiful flowers. Highly impressed with the level of service received. – Kirstie Fi


Funky Bunches


Ahh, the Mark Wahlberg tribute act of flower shops! Or so we assume, at least. This family-owned florist has been in action for 15 years and counting, and offer everything from homeware to balloons to chocolates. The flowers aren’t too shabby either, and these petal pros are guaranteed to be able to sort you out with just the bouquet your heart desires, whatever the occasion may be. Find out more

I have to admit, I was slightly sceptical that they could really pull off all our flowers in just a couple of days (especially as we had been told elsewhere that the colours I wanted were impossible), but when my sister walked in to the house with them on the day, I was absolutely blown away. They were absolutely perfect. The right colour shade that I had dreamed of, in the freshest array of roses I have ever seen. – Jober


Lime Flowers

East Fremantle

The ladies of Lime Flowers celebrate the natural majesty of flowers like few others do, possessing an almost-supernatural ability to whip up the perfect swirl of colours, textures and scents to suit absolutely anyone. Whether you’re getting married or merely looking to make amends for some fiendish misdeed (again), Lime Flowers has the fabulous foliage to see you through. Find out more

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