Sydney’s Flourishing Florists

The right bouquet can melt even the stoniest of hearts.

Image credit: Grandiflora


Potts Point

Rather than a florist, Grandiflora is a “design studio utilising flowers as its medium”. That means it’s… well… a florist. But still, it’s an extremely good one, and it specialises in beautifully elegant displays for larger installations and big events. Highly regarded in both Australia and beyond, Grandiflora is the kind of place you go when you’re looking to seriously impress. Find out more

A grandiflora bouquet doesn’t look like any other, it’s simply more beautiful. But you pay for it. So this is the florist for those really, really special occasions (or when you’ve done something really, really wrong!) – demon


Seasonal Concepts


Seasonal Concepts is, to put it nice and succinctly, one of the coolest shops ever. It’s like stumbling across some ancient jungle paradise hidden in the middle of Redfern, stocked (quite literally) floor to ceiling with a treasure trove of gorgeous flowers, pre-1950s antiques, and various marvels of the natural world. In the mood for an adventure? Seasonal Concepts, friends. Seasonal Concepts. Find out more

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Chanele Rose Flowers and Styling


Like some kind of flowery Shaolin monk, Chanele Rose’s head florist Lina Bteddini has trained rigorously to become the floristry master she is today. Lina’s quirky, naturalistic style has won her many admirers among Sydney’s petal connoisseurs, and Chanele Rose is often the first and only name on people’s tongues when a wedding’s on the horizon. Find out more

I would like to thank you for the lovely Wedding Flowers you put together for our Wedding. They were breathtaking and everyone was impressed! I will refer you to all my friends! – LOVLEY2


Rococo Flowers


“Rococo” demands to be said out loud with the ‘r’ tremendously rolled. It also demands serious respect from those who appreciate a touch of genuine artistry in their floral goodness, as this is one hell of a flower shop. Fresh, creative and utterly resplendent (which isn’t a word we get to use nearly often enough), a quick peek at their Darlinghurst showroom should convince you in seconds. Find out more

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Image credit: Poho Flowers

Poho Flowers


Poho is a very warm and happy shop, staffed by warm and happy people who create warm and happy floral delights for everyone who wanders in. This place does its thing for many retail and restaurant clients throughout the city, but they love their everyday customers just as much. And isn’t that all we’re looking for in life? Someone to love? Find out more

Served by Jess today, she was really helpful and did an amazing job. Definitely going back! – Your Man Cameron

Image credit: Botanics Florist Sydney

Botanics Florist


Botanics Florist is Sydney’s undisputed flower delivering champion. These floristry masters are able to get their gorgeous wares out to pretty much anywhere, anytime; as fresh, fragrant and full of life as they were before they left. From corporate functions to birthday parties to heavy-grade apologies, you can always count on Botanics to deliver (quite literally!). Find out more

Botanics Florist – you went out of your way to deliver flowers to my parents aboard the cruise ship “Dawn Princess”. It was probably a little tricky with security etc. but your beautiful flowers were ready in the room for their arrival. Apparently Mum cried when she saw them. So ‘thank you” for helping me make a special trip just a little more special. – misslouise


The Floral Decorator


Armed with a never-ending supply of handpicked, seasonal goodies from the Sydney Flower Market, The Floral Decorator works tirelessly to bring kickass flowers to all of the city’s noble denizens, regardless of style, occasion or budget. It’s been around for about 15 years now, and you can tell right away that much of that time has been spent perfecting its wonderful floral magic. Find out more

Helpful service and excellent attention to detail. Truly beautiful bunches. – Magic Monkey

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