Your Prime Spots for a Quality Pre-Work Coffee Fix

A good cup of joe can make a world of difference to the way a day pans out, so give your team a solid pick-me-up with our definitive list of morning coffee joints.


Image credit: Workshop Expresso
Image credit: Workshop Expresso

The Sydney coffee scene just keeps on growing, and it can be hard to keep track of all the little pit stops and boutiques popping everywhere. Luckily, we’ve found some of the best. Enjoy!

CBD: Workshop Espresso

A different single-origin coffee every day, eh? Should keep things fresh!

“Probably Sydney’s best coffee. Nothing else to say :)” – Nnyy

North: Bay Coffee (Neutral Bay)

This coffee is rare, yummy and freshly roasted onsite. All boxes ticked.

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East: Single Origin (Surry Hills)

Quite possibly the biggest coffee nerds in Sydney, the good folks at Single O live to share their tasty, tasty blends. Prepare to be converted.

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South: Grind Espresso Bar

This quirky, cluttered little Surf Road spot is treasure trove of specialty coffee. Give the Turkish a try.

“THE BEST COFFEE and I drink there every day enough said.” – ianrobertmaguire

West: Circa Espresso

With the loveliest team of staff ever to grace a coffee shop, Circa Espresso is always a pleasure. Say hi to Angela for us!

“The staff at circa is amazing! The remember you by name and always put a smile on your face! The food is gourmet and tastes really good! Sometimes their menu gets to gourmet for some taste buds! But overall amazing place and coffee!” – Andrewjk123


Image credit: Auction Room
Image credit: Auction Room

Melbourne is pretty much Australia’s coffee HQ, so expect big things from these fine establishments.

CBD: Patricia Coffee Brewers

This place is so speedy you can’t even sit down! Perfect for a quick morning stop.

“This is an Italian-style espresso bar where you enjoy your coffee standing up at the bar (the variation in Italy is that you can stand or pay more to sit down!) The coffee is great and it’s a wonderful spot for a quick coffee or snack. Easy to miss as it’s in a laneway.” – starwoman8

North: Auction Rooms

Rustic and picturesque, Auction Rooms is a beautiful little cafe indeed. If you’ve got time for a bite, try the banana and walnut loaf.

“This is one of my all-time favourite places for a leisurely spot of breakfast. My partner and I stumbled across it on a trip to Melbourne, as we were staying in the area, and I am so ridiculously glad that we did. The decor is trendy modern industrial and they have a really sweet sun room/outdoor area with exposed brick walls.” – Miss Forster

East: Prospect Espresso

Melbourne’s own Rosso Roasting Co supplies the beans here, so you know you’re in for a treat. Plus, the glass front makes for some good people watching!

“Great lattes! Will definitely be back for coffee, sweets or lunch.” – werxj

South: The Kettle Black

One of Melbourne’s most famous coffee havens, The Kettle Black’s reputation for friendliness and great quality is certainly well earned.

“When in Melbourne this place is a MUST VISIT …. The food here are delicious and pretty, as an instagrammer its an awesome place to visit. My favourite dishes was the Ricotta hotcakes and the polenta porridge! Its was addictively good. Service was on point! The guys here are polite and welcoming!” – Asianfoodninja

West: Common Galaxia

Common Galaxia provides healthy bites, top service and exceptional coffee, all in a wonderfully bright and airy setting. Remember the name (which isn’t hard when it contains the word ‘Galaxia’).

“I always love coming to Common Galaxia. The service is great and so is the coffee and service. The meals are exceptionally tasty and reasonably priced, really loved the lunch menu as well – the mussels were fantastic and they have a large selection of baked treats too. I suggest Common Galaxia to anybody who likes quality brunch cafes!” – svchu1


Image credit: Gramercy Coffee
Image credit: Gramercy Coffee

From hipstery style to good, old-fashioned homeliness, Brisbane has a coffee shop to suit every mood.

CBD: Gramercy Coffee

Trendy, tucked away and impeccably tiled, Gramercy is most definitely the bee’s knees. If you’re extra thirsty, give their fresh juice range a look.

“Soo good. Must try their homemade breads when you are there.” – maddi12345

North: Dandelion & Driftwood

While neither dandelion nor driftwood make especially good coffee, we can safely confirm that this chic little venue is much more than just the sum of its parts. Drop in for high tea sometime!

“With a focus on delivering exceptional coffee, Dandelion and Driftwood is a great place for a breakfast out. This cosy café boasts 2 award winning coffee blends and several single origin beans with the ability to brew the bean your favourite brewing method and not just the espresso shot seen in a typical coffee shop.” – chickenfeed

East: Dramanti

An artisan roaster to rival any in town, Dramanti is very much the real deal. This stuff will perk you up like nobody’s business.

“Nice vibe, excellent coffee, great customer service. Dramanti has a neat hipster vibe with a dark industrial interior and house roasted beans and best of all dog friendly.” – KatMcA

South: The Roastery Cafe

Behind the bright red door of The Roastery lies the quintessential friendly neighbourhood coffee stop. The whole setup just says “come on in”, so don’t be surprised if it becomes your regular.

“Hands down a hidden gem in South Bank. It’s a little out of the main strip but well worth the short walk for Roastery. It has a great outdoor courtyard perfect for morning brekkies and the coffee and menu are perfect. Service staff are always really cheerful and polite too which makes a difference.” – PCBrisbane

West: The Single Guys

Known for its refined coffee and surprisingly sophisticated menu, The Single Guys is ideal for getting your day off to a classy start.

“Really love coming in for breakfast, the scrambled eggs are fantastic, coffee is always good & staff are always really friendly!”- Lot42


Image credit: Lowdown

Kinky Lizard? Coco Belle? Addison & Steele? Perth sure can name them, and churn out some damn fine coffee too!

CBD: Lowdown

Spacious, simple and very, very cool, Lowdown mixes awesome coffee with a tantalising range of fresh cakes. The lemon slice is also tough to resist…

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North: Addison & Steele

It might sound like a pair of high-flying TV lawyers, but Addison & Steele is actually an appealing little cafe boasting multiple brewing methods and various fresh, delectable snacks.

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East: Kinky Lizard Espresso Bar

We can’t claim to have ever met a kinky lizard before, but they certainly make a good cup of coffee if this place is anything to go by.

Don’t forget to review Kinky Lizard once you’ve checked it out.

South: Coco Belle Espresso Bar

A mix of slick modernity and cosy, cottage-like warmth, Coco Belle is a gorgeous spot for a morning pick-me-up. They also do really nice chips. Is breakfast too early for chips…?

Let us know what you thought of Coco Belle right here.

West: Gordon Street Garage

Gordon Street? Ah yes, Gordon Street. This sprawling venue serves coffee by day and wine by night, so you basically never have to leave!

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Coffee flows like lifeblood through the veins of Adelaide, but you need to do a little digging to find the really good stuff. Fortunately, we’ve done it for you!

CBD: Please Say Please

It’s cute, bricky and always inviting, and the macarons could make anyone weak at the knees. Don’t worry, though; the great coffee picks you right back up again!

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North: First Pour

All rich browns and plush seats, First Pour is a very attractive cafe indeed. It’s also a fully functioning barista school, if you’re inspired to make a sudden career change.

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East: The Grind @ Norwood

The Grind’s big red sign is like a beacon of hope to all those who have yet to properly wake up, and we promise you’ll be raring to go once you’ve sampled its sweet, hot nectar.

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South: Patio Coffee Roasters

These people take their coffee extremely seriously, and you will too once you give it a sip. Absolutely delish!

“Just went to have a look and ended up buying 2 kilos of coffee! They gave me a free coffee and an extra bag too. Great service and the coffee is excellent, definitely recommend!!” – Jasper1994

West: Coffee By The Beans

Fantastic coffee and some of the nicest staff you could ever hope to meet. Need we say more?

“I am a very critical person when it comes to food and drinks, especially coffee. I must say that the coffee at the Coffee By the Beans comes up on the No. 1 on my list. Coffee at this place is not only the best, but the quality of service and friendliness of staff is the best. After buying my beans from a different shop for 15 years, I buy my beans since I discovered this cafe year ago.” – Dove 58

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