The Best Schnitty In Every City


While the Germans may claim to have invented the Schnitzel, Australia has definitely fallen in love with this breaded piece of goodness and even given it an Aussie parmi twist. There’s nothing better than chowing down on a schnitzel that’s larger than your face and then telling all your friends how full you are (“but it was worth it!”).

Not that you need an excuse to enjoy a good pub schnitty and requisite schooner, but on the 9th September it’s Schnitzel Day.

Here’s our run down of the best schnitty in every major city:

content_1_v2 Sydney

About: From Southern fried chicken schnittys to Bavarian-style schnittys, this local favourite offers a smorgasbord of delicious schnitzels for every taste.

The Balmain Hotel


(02) 9810 7500

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“We ordered a plain schnitzel and a parmigiana schnitzel between the four of us. These babies were huge, it would be safe to say, that we should have only ordered the one dish, as there was plenty left over to take home at the end of the meal. They were full of flavour and very filling.” – bargn$hopa

The Goni’s Schnitzelria


(02) 9560 2574

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About: The Winston offers plenty of menu options, but it’ll be practically impossible to go past a classic chicken schnitzel, or even take it a step further and go for the parmi option.

The Winston

Winston Hills

(02) 9624 4500

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content_5_v2 Melbourne

You know it’s going to be good when half the menu is a celebration of the schnitzel. Go for a classic wiener schnitzel, or if you’re feeling brave, discover what happens when you order an ‘uber-schnitzel’.

Munich Brauhaus

South Wharf

1300 686 424

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“Great schnitzels with healthy sides and friendly staff. Overall good value and good schnitzels for when you need that crunchy protein fix at lunchtime!” – Starwoman8

Schnitz – Spencer Outlet


(03) 9077 7603

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“We all know that beer & parma is one of lifes perfect matches. This takes it to a whole new level. Great parma’s with some fantastic toppings (I had the pizza parma) combined with delicious beers from micro breweries around Victoria.” – MrFussy

Mrs Parmas

Melbourne CBD

(03) 9639 2269

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content_2_v2 Brisbane

“Home of schnitzel. 90% of the menu is schnitzels. If that’s not your thing, then don’t bother coming. There are some great toppings and you can choose your meat and size.” – Sam78

Capalaba Tavern


(07) 3390 1033

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About: The ultimate pub, Brewhouse Brisbane is a classic Aussie eatery that serves up epic meals and cold beers. The schnitty here comes with a side of beer gravy and your choice of two sides, or you can size up to the parmi.

Brewhouse Brisbane


(07) 3891 1011

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Try this hidden gem for something a little different and order the chicken schnitzel burger. It’s basically two of the best meals options fused together into a tower of meaty deliciousness.

Jak + Hill

Spring Hill

(07) 3055 5788

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content_3_v2 Adelaide

About: Pick from 5 schnitty options (chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian, pork), & try not to drool too much as you read the menu of options that include tantalising dishes such as the Bollywood Schnitzel, the Pile of Schnit, and Schnit Faced.


Adelaide Central

(08) 8232 9222

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Enjoy a little history with your schnitty when you dine in this heritage listed building. You’ve got the choice of beef or chicken, plus multiple options for sauces, and no less than eight possibilities for toppings.

Earl of Leicester


(08) 8271 5700

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“The menu really is superb; I dont know where to start! The wood fired oven pizzas amazing. The schnitzels and parmis are absolutely HUGE and the best in Adelaide without doubt. ” – GF7

Coopers Alehouse @ The Earl

Adelaide Central

(08) 8223 6433

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content_4_v2 Perth

A true blue Aussie pub, the South Street Ale House serves up classic veal and chicken schnittys, and if you go on a Tuesday night, you’ll get yours for the bargain price of just $15.

South Street Ale House


(08) 9337 1453

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If anyone aside from Aussies make a great schnitty, it’s the Germans, and this German eatery doesn’t fall short. Go for a pork or a chicken schnitzel, or grab a platter that includes your favourite schnitty plus a bunch of other delicious treats.


Perth Central

(08) 9321 6654

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For those lazy days where you’re not sure you want to take your slippers off, head to the cosy Mount Henry Tavern in Como for a very schpecial chicken schnitty.

Mount Henry Tavern


(08) 9450 7709

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content_1_v2 Canberra

Friendly, well-priced, and filling. It’s hard to go past Edgar’s Inn, and it’ll only take one look at the chicken schnittys and parmis to make you grab a seat and place an order.

Edgar’s Inn


(02) 6257 5488

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The schnittys at the Eastlake Football Club are the kinds you write home about. Served with classic chips, salad and gravy, you simply can’t go wrong.

Eastlake Football Club


(02) 6228 0999

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Don’t be fooled by this nightclub’s appearance – it’s actually also a decent pub that serves up classic Aussie dishes. The chicken schnitty is a treat, and the parmi comes with double-smoked soccer ball ham for good measure.


Canberra Central

(02) 6257 6496

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