5 Delicious Reasons to Visit James Place

James Place might sound like any other street, but it’s actually a rather trendy little collection of shops, restaurants, bars and cafes in central Adelaide. Redevelopment has done it a world of good in recent years, and this previously neglected lane is now a super stylish hub that’s as good as (if not better than) any you might find in Melbourne’s backstreets.

Image credit: Miss Mai
Image credit: Miss Mai

Miss Mai

How do you feel about a little Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi? It’s always a good idea at the outstanding Miss Mai Vietnamese Eatery. This place is fast, efficient and utterly delicious, whether you’re on the go or looking to sit down and savour the flavour. Whoever the mysterious Miss Mai is, we owe her a debt of gratitude for changing our lunch habits forever. Find out more

“Delicious. Good flavoursome broth, good chicken and plenty of herbs and sprouts to add in. We were pretty full after the pho but had to try the roll – big chunks of crispy, crunchy roast pork with loads of carrot and cucumber etc. Yum!” – 4chillis

Image credit: Soonta
Image credit: Soonta


Vietnamese has never steered us wrong, and it certainly won’t if we continue to visit such fine establishments like James Place’s Soonta. The Roast Pork Bún Bowl here is sublime: a rich, crispy and nicely varied taste of Vietnam’s culinary delights. In fact, we would say it’s Soonta be one of your favourites! Find out more

“It’s like a fast production line – the line up during lunch time is long, it does very very busy, but the service is that fast you don’t have to wait for long at all. Fast but fresh food. This place is fast becoming one of my top lunch picks.” – xbabydollx



Caparezza Espresso Bar

This is pretty much as close as it gets to a real Italian coffee bar outside of bella Italia herself. The wine flows freely, the coffee is as strong and pure as Fabio’s chin, and the staff are friendly and welcoming to all who stop by. Lovely stuff indeed! The small-but-focussed food menu is bursting with authenticity too, and you really have to give the gnocchi a try. You’ll be very glad you did! Find out more

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Blackeby’s Old Sweet Shop

It’s time to cut loose and gorge on sweets! And where better to do so than the quirky confines of a beloved Adelaide institution? Eat your heart out Willy Wonka, from chocolate to fudge to hardboiled goodness, Blackeby’s has everything your sweet tooth could crave. Trying to pick any single thing is basically impossible, but we are rather partial to those yummy little Raspberry Drops… Find out more

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ADL_Fair Espresso

Fair Espresso

Now it’s time for cake! Our final stop on the grand old James Place tour is Fair Espresso, where you can sink your teeth into a deliciously indulgent creation known as ‘Pimped Banana Bread’. It’s like regular banana bread, except with butter, honey, fresh bananas, chia seeds and forest berries. It’s a thing of scrumptious beauty, and a must try for anyone visiting the cafe. Find out more

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There’s no place like James Place. Have fun sampling its many tasty offerings, and drop a few reviews on True Local when you’re finished!

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