An Insider’s Guide to Shafto Lane

From Enoch Barratt to ol’ Tommy Shafto, Shafto Lane has a proud history of being dedicated to people with hilarious names. Nowadays, of course, it’s more famous for its awesome boutiques, live music shows and art installations, not to mention the numerous enticing eating options…


The Burger Bistro

Spacious, shiny and vaguely sci-fi-looking, The Burger Bistro is far more than your average grease-and-guilt fast food joint. The burgers here are big, beautifully-made and dripping with flavoursome freshness, not to mention varied and creatively named. We’re particularly partial to the ‘Casablanca Kid’, with CAAB Angus beef, Moroccan harissa chilli paste, fresh coriander and salad. Spectacular. Find out more

“Yum. Yum. Yum. I LOVE burgers and Burger Bistro provides some of the best. A nicer burger place; it’s the kind of place you can eat in and feel like you’re out for dinner, not just at a fast food place. The menu contains beef burgers, chicken burgers and lamb burgers as well as specialty burgers which vary depending on when you go” – Stefanie Reilly


Taka’s Kitchen

Cheap doesn’t have to mean bad, and nowhere proves this quite like Taka’s Kitchen. You’ll scarcely believe the scope and quality of the delectable Japanese cuisine available at this humble eatery, and all for spare change, too. If you’re something of a novice, definitely go for the Chicken Katsu Curry. You’ll quickly learn why it’s one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Find out more

“Great tasty Japanese food at affordable prices. These guys are really efficient. You get served good food really quickly and even have complementary hot tea! No wonder the place is always crowded. My personal recommendation would be the teriyaki fish, it’s lovely” – vanbeans

Image credit: Noodle Forum
Image credit: Noodle Forum

Noodle Forum

Noodles, noodles, and more noodles! This place combines traditional Malaysian noodle-making techniques and first-class Western Australian produce, with a few fancy French cooking tricks thrown in for good measure. As you can probably imagine, the result is some damn fine noodles. While you’re there, don’t forget to try the ‘Laksa Supreme’. Yum! Find out more

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Java Juice

Java Juice opened up in 1996, making it Perth’s original juice bar. It’s the perfect place for a spot of cool refreshment amidst the richness of Shafto Lane, and we’re very keen on the ‘Revitalisers’. They’re made from a ton of fruit blended with added super-ingredients, with the ‘Guarana Gorilla’ flavour being especially delicious. Find out more

This place makes the best fruit smoothies that I have ever had! Prices are a little steep, but you do get what you pay for! Staff are also extremely friendly! Highly recommend the Mango Mania! – Madi_Carl

Image credit: Gami
Image credit: Gami


Gami, you chickeny maestros, you! These Melbourne-based titans of Korean fried chicken arrived in Shafto last year, and we certainly don’t have any complaints. The ‘Kimchi Pancake’ is pan-fried kimchi and veggies in a lovely crispy batter, and it’s a guaranteed winner any day of the week. Find out more

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