Fromage Artisans’ Dedicated Cheese Bar Set to Open in Perth


People of Perth, are you sick of having to satisfy your cheese craving by going to the fridge and gnawing on a block of Bega? Not that there’s anything wrong with working on your night cheese in a snuggie (no regrets).

We’re here to share the gouda news. A new restaurant is coming to Perth, where you can get together with other feta fans and gruyere groupies, and gorge on the good stuff to your heart’s content. You can even buy it by the wheel (#YOLO).

Fromage Artisans will be Perth’s first licensed fromagerie, bar and dining room. The perfect spot to catch up with friends, you can indulge in a cheese board with an all-star selection of international cheeses, alongside a glass or two of matching wine or liquor. That’s right – cheese is finally taking its rightful place in the spotlight, and we couldn’t be more excited to start the party with Havarti.  

The fromagerie is set to open in the original home of the R&I Bank, and the walk-in cheese room will actually be located in the old bank vaults. Which makes total sense – after all, a good wedge of cheese is worth its weight in gold.

We sat down for a chat with one of the brains behind this cheese dream, Danicia Quinlan, to find out more.


Hi Danicia, thanks for having a chat to us. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to be a cheese and liquor connoisseur?

I think our Director Operations Michael is definitely the cheese and liquor connoisseur with his background in dairy technology, dairies and breweries. I bring the love for the produce, a passion for great food, liquor, fine dining and great conversation. My professional background is in leadership, management and marketing with organisations such as Fashion Council WA, Black Swan Theatre Company, Woodside Energy and BHP. 

What sort of delicious menu items can patrons expect at the Fromage Artisans bar?

We like to call our menu a cheese and liquor adventure – we will feature some of the world’s best local, national and international seasonal cheeses on flights paired with liquor, incredible fresh produce, accompaniments and charcuterie. 

The bar will be housed in the former WA Club. What are some of the design changes that you’ve made to the space?

We are converting the old original bank vaults into a walk-in fromagerie and events space, as well as creating a more elegant, dark and decadent space for dining and exploring the cheese and liquor menu.


Alongside the bar, you’ll also have a dedicated cheese room. What sort of cheesy goodness goes on in there?

The dedicated cheese room will be like a traditional European fromagerie with a variety of seasonal cheeses on display for tasting and retail purchases by the gram, kilo, or by the wheel. 

What’s your absolute favourite cheese and wine or liquor pairing?

It does vary a lot depending on my mood and season. During Festival Fromage I absolutely loved the combination of Kytren’s White Mould Goats Cheese with the Voyager Estate Project Sparkling. It was an amazing pairing. We have quite a few surprises planned for our Brookfield pop up Nights of Decadent Fromage dinners in the beautiful room at The Palace that will challenge and delight those ticket holders.


How can the average person tell if a cheese is really good quality?

A good quality cheese will be stronger and exhibit more balanced flavours within the cheese; it should reflect a sense of terroir like a good wine, and be sold by an appropriately trained cheesemonger who knows the characteristics of its ripeness and the most appropriate time for consumption. In terms of freshness, it won’t smell of ammonia nor will it be sweaty in texture. And of course it will be delicious. 

When you’re in the mood for something a bit different, where do you like to go for a great meal in your area?

Habitue in North Fremantle always delights with Garry’s great food and Therese’s warm service and her love of live music. 

Fromage Artisans will open in the vault, at 101 St Georges Terrace. In the meantime, you can keep up with their progress by following their Facebook page or checking out their website.

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