Take Your Mates on a Date in Perth

Couples can’t have all the fun now, can they? Of course not! This one goes out to all the besties out there. You’ve always been there for us so here’s to you.

Where to Eat

Image credit: Sneaky Tony’s

Sneaky Tony’s

North Perth

Firmly living up to its name, Sneaky Tony’s is indeed a place of mischief and mystery. It’s everything you want in a super-cool rum bar, basically! Taking its cues from the old speakeasies of the prohibition era, and overflowing with rums and rummy cocktails, this place is well worth hunting with your friends if you’re down for a top night out in Chinatown. Just don’t forget to check Facebook for the password or else you won’t get in! Find out more

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Image credit: The Aviary Perth

The Aviary – Bird Cage


Nothing beats a good rooftop bar in the hazy summertime, and The Aviary’s ‘Nest’ is one of the very best around, so round up your friends. It’s the largest commercial rooftop space in WA, and simply bursting with greenery, gorgeous views and zesty fun. The drinks list is extensive, and the food goes down great, especially if you’re trying a bit of everything with your mates. They’re certainly onto something with that prawn and squid pizza. Mmm… Find out more

“Every time I go to shop in the city, I always pop into the Aviary Roof Top Bar for a drink and a snack. It is always abuzz with people and the casual vibe and atmosphere makes it a great escape from the shopping in the city. Great views, always sunny, large range of drinks to choose from which are reasonably priced considering its location. Bar/finger foods are great. Friendly & efficient staff.” – Kikininja

Image credit: Pancakes at Carillon

Pancakes at Carillon


Pancakes! We don’t think much else needs to be said, but we’ll waffle on a bit anyway (sorry). Pancakes at Carillon offers a sizzling bounty of delectable goodies, both sweet and savoury, and its friendly atmosphere hasn’t changed a lick since 1983. Whether it’s pancakes, crepes, burgers, nachos, waffles or wedges that gets you and your friends going, this place has enough comfort food to feed even the hungriest of crowds. Find out more

“Very popular, centrally located in the busy Carillon Arcade in the heart of the Perth shopping mall, offering a great variety of delicious and tempting selection of both sweet and savoury pancakes. Makes you come back for more!” – jaclynne

Where to Play

Image credit: Kart World Belmont

Kart World


It’s time to unleash your ‘Fast and Furious’ skills. With racing options to suit folks of all ages and skill levels, Kart World is one of Perth’s finest places for blasting away the stress of daily life in a whirlwind of adrenaline and speed. Heck, even the food’s nice! So, gather your crew, roll on down, and prepare to find out once and for all who’s really master of the tracks. Find out more

“I’ve been coming regularly for a few months now and have managed to move up to the Senna karts. I’ve always found the staff to be very helpful and answer any questions I’ve had about the best way to get up speed in the karts and drive like a pro. They really know what they’re talking about. If you haven’t visited before do it. And seriously – try their flavoured hot chips. They’re out of this world!” – dvkilaton

Image credit: Mystic Clue Room-Escape

Mystic Clue


Room-escape games are always a laugh, and Mystic Clue’s got a pair of doozies to truly test your wits and guile. Leave no man behind, so grab your mates and escape the room together. One’s set in London, and is about helping a certain detective in a funny hat to foil a sinister plot. The other’s set in Gotham, and is about helping another detective in a funny hat to foil a sinister plot. Secret agent and spaceship rooms are due in March, so check them out! Find out more

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If you’re giving any of these a try, let everyone know what you thought. We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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